Is this thing going to go back under 1 cent now before a retest of the neckline???????????????????????????????????????????????
joshhaz Ryan720
@Ryan720, that damn bitcoin is dragging everything down. Appears ETH is becoming much more independent from bitcoin and I think in the long run going to be more successful than BTC. But as for VTHO what basically determines its fate is if BTC can recover. I wish BTC didn't have so much influence on altcoins but unfortunately it does and with all the stuff in the news about turkey banning crypto, capital gains tax reform, then the media spewing out crap like "analysts warn of bitcoin crash" and stuff like, it's scaring people. Wish the media would stop pushing out narratives that scare people and start selling. I'm no trader, I'm just holding 100k VTHO at about 1.05 cent average. I'm not really concerned about it falling below a cent and if it does it will get back up quickly. I mean I know if I see it drop below a cent I'll hobble that sh*t up and if it drops to 0.5 I'll buy more. Fact is that VeChain is a legitimate network and I think a great long term investment. Lots of companies, such as Walmart use them. So it actually would hurt my feelings too much if it drops below a cent because in the long run that very well may have been a blessing as it was the last golden opportunity to buy it. I mean if you're a day trader then wait I'm saying is probably meaningless but I am confident it's a good long term investment with a lot of upside and it's still in early stages. The type of thing that 5 years from now people will be thinking "dammit, wish I would have gotten into VTHO when it was less than 2 cents. Also once VET and VTHO get added to coinbase that will also give them a boost.
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