The battle of two wolves

AMEX:VTI   Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF
“There is a battle of two wolves inside us all. One is evil: it is anger, envy, greed, arrogance, jealousy, resentment, lies. The other is good: it is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy, truth. The wolf that wins? The one you feed. —Cherokee proverb”

VTI total US stock market etf with SMA200 mega trend channel (SMA200 is center green), SMA50 bull/bear trendline, 50 day H&L pivot price print & tickerTracker MFI oscillator set to 50 with VTI , SPY , QQQ , IWM & DIA. March 23rd, 2020, was the bottom of the Covid market drop. There will be a bottom and a bullish reversal at some point. Within the next 24hrs-3 days this is a screaming buy for investors.

Hello dear traders. It's bittersweet profiting on short trades under these circumstances. Meaning I thought hedging with puts was smart since the beginning January downtrend. But now since Feb 17th profiting on puts because of wacko Vlad attacking the good Ukranian people just doesn't sit well with me. It feels off, kind of unethical. If you want to short something short oil people or at least trim your position and find profit elsewhere. I think it'd be fantastic if traders & investors flip the script and go long soon any day now steady uptrend till at least 3/16 FOMC. lol.

Showing solidarity and bravery against this geopolitical crap. Everyone's chicken out there trading out of fear. I know that I have to listen to the market and trade accordingly for precision to consistently profit. But I'm over it personally by feelings I'm saying. Anyways, not to write a philosophical decertation. But for example, everyone piling into oil driving the price up exponentially is stupid for society, yet a smart easy profitable trade. What are your thoughts about this juxtaposition of trading for obvious profit in conflict with what's good social behavior?

It's really the Wallstreet fat cats, Hedge funds, Institutional investors & Fund managers who are pushing the market movements. We retail traders just have to react and trade accordingly for profit. It sure would be great to see a bullish reversal within the next few days. I'll be paying close attention as always and trade on technicals when fundamentals are not in play, yet reluctantly short anything except oil , RSX & RUB anymore. I'm calling on Wallstreet, Hedge funds, Institutional investors and Fund managers to change course ASAP .

Macroeconomic events 2/24:
8:30 Chicago Fed National Activity (Jan) Actual: 0.69 Previous: 0.07
8:30 Continuing Jobless Claims Actual: 1,476K Forecast: 1,580K Previous: 1,588K
8:30 Core PCE Prices (Q4) Actual: 5.00% Forecast: 4.90% Previous: 4.90%
8:30 GDP (QoQ) (Q4) Actual: 7.0% Forecast: 7.0% Previous: 6.9%
8:30 GDP Price Index (QoQ) (Q4) Actual: 7.2% Forecast: 6.9% Previous: 7.0%
8:30 GDP Sales (Q4) Actual: 2.0% Previous: 1.9%
0:30 Initial Jobless Claims Actual: 232K Forecast: 235K Previous:249K
8:30 Jobless Claims 4-Week Avg . Actual: 236. 25K Previous: 243.50K
8:30 PCE Prices (Q4) Actual: 6.3% Previous: 6.4% Forecast: 5.3%
8:30 Real Consumer Spending (Q4) Actual: 3.1% Previous: 3.3%

Do your own due diligence, your risk is 100% your responsibility. This is for educational and entertainment purposes only. You win some or you learn some. Consider being charitable with some of your profit to help humankind. Good luck and happy trading friends...

*3x lucky 7s of trading*

7pt Trading compass:
Price action, entry/exit
Volume average/direction
Trend, patterns, momentum
Newsworthy current events
Balance sheet

7 Common mistakes:
+5% portfolio trades, capital risk management
Beware of analyst's motives
Emotions & Opinions
FOMO : bad timing, the market is ruthless, be shrewd
Lack of planning & discipline
Forgetting restraint
Obdurate repetitive errors, no adaptation

7 Important tools:
Trading View app!, Brokerage UI
Accurate indicators & settings
Wide screen monitor/s
Trading log (pencil & graph paper)
Big, organized desk
Reading books, playing chess
Sorted watch-list

Checkout my indicators:
Fibonacci VIP - volume
Fibonacci MA7 - price
pi RSI - trend momentum
TTC - trend channel
AlertiT - notification
tickerTracker - MFI Oscillator
Comment: Courage conquers all evil. Great job Fam!
Comment: Courage is Triumphant!
Comment: After a gigantic delta play yesterday,
it's Looking sidewaysish to burn straddles and strangles, naked calls and puts till 3pm, maybe a theta play for most of the day until 3pm., then release the spreads. Just speculation, nobody actually knows, lol.
Comment: Alright up is even better than sideways
Comment: Futures gaining +4%
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