NASDAQ:VXRT   Vaxart, Inc. - Common Stock
VXRT testing another familiar area of "traffic" from the last few months. This 786 fib area has remained a key level on the chart. More times than not, VXRT has failed to break and hold above it for any meaningful amount of time. But thanks to new covid cases and its recent business update, things are popping on Aug 9th. Though the volume isn't anything crazy above average, the last few days of consistently higher levels are something to watch closely as well.

"Another one of the former penny stocks to watch on this list is Vaxart Inc . While short interest isn’t the only focus right now, for VXRT , it has played a role. Based on the most recent data, the short float percentage is right around 20%. What’s more, the company’s recent business update helped shed a brighter light on a few things that were up in the air during more recent weeks...One of the topics discussed was the potential of Vaxart’s R&D and clinical development initiatives. CEO Andrei Floroiu said, “We strengthened our balance sheet , made major research advances, deepened our scientific knowledge, grew the company, and took the company closer to our goal of developing disruptive oral tablet vaccines that can have a material impact on the world’s public health.” ...Vaxart’s platform has shown progress in recent clinical trials. Its norovirus vaccine, built on the company’s VAAST platform, demonstrated the ability to boost immune responses in those who’ve been previously vaccinated with a Vaxart oral vaccine. In some cases, this vaccination period was more than a year earlier. The company also has a current trial study going on. This is of its S-Wuhan construct, which it expects to begin shortly. Obviously, with growing virus cases and the eventual rise of “cold and flu season,” this early progress has begun to gain attention in the market."

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