First a possible dip then up

OTC:VYGVF   Voyager Digital Ltd
This is solely based on my fundamental analysis .
I think it is very well possible in the short term for a dip sub 18$ or even further (especially due to the current high growth selloff) to occur but over the next months, the strong fundamental track record and relatively cheap valuation compared to peers (+ higher growth rates) should catch up. Any dip under 15$ should be bough aggressively.
Price target 2021: 70$
Comment: Likely Revenue for March: $31,25m, April: $54m - $59m
April AUM: $3.2b --> Principal Value Traded (PVT) should be right around there, possibly a bit higher
PVT to revenue conversion rate is up 40% in april (assumed 1.125-1.25% in march)
so it should be around 1.7%-1.8%


like a big dip!!