WABI/BTC - 31 August Price Prediction

Hello everyone, rouzwelt here.

Here is my price prediction for 31 august on TAEL ( WABI/BTC ) and as you can see in the chart, I believe it to be between 335 to 435 satoshi (0.00000335 - 0.00000435 BTC ).

It's clear that the price is in a stablished and quite strong downtrend which looks to be continuing for some time, if nothing crazy happens, cause crypto market is not at its hot days and I believe that small cap alts will perform worse relative to bitcoin for coming months. I think it will go both ways, I mean no matter where bitcoin direction will be, up or down, these alts will be cheaper compared to BTC until we see another alt-season, which I don't think we will see one in few coming months at least.

you can see in the chart we had some attempts to break some key levels, but all them failed with huge supply entering and we have not seen a higher high for a while, which I believe is an indication of weakness. so I believe that we will see the price in that range by the end of august.