BINANCE : WAN/ETH forecast update

BINANCE:WANETH   Wanchain / Ethereum
This is a simple trade analysis of the WAN/ETH altcoin trade.
Chances to follow the blue solid line are high. Dashed lines are much less probable.
Do not take into account delays.

WAN/ETH is currently at 0.005260 (it should come back at least to 0.005150).
Within less than a week, it should reach 0.006300 (+22% : subwave 3 of wave 3). Scale your sell between 0.006000 and 0.006300.
Then buy back between 0.005650 and 0.005750 and scale your re-sell from 0.008600 to 0.008800 (+49.5% : subwave 5 of wave 3).