$WBX to $18 by Nov 30

NYSE:WBX   Wallbox N.V
Wallbox is a Barcelona-based EV charging company that uniquely provides affordable home chargers for global customers.

Their CEO is a former Tesla employee and the company has recently teamed up with UBER and SunVault to help expand into the US market.

Expected EBITDA to be profitable by 2024 (remember, we're nearly in 2022!) with in-line revenue targets consistently reached as well as overcoming supply chain woes.

A fairly underappreciated EV stock amongst traders and investors alike, though the upcoming US infrastructure bill and pre-existing EU subsidies for EVs , will continue to add value to Wallbox's share price.

We have a modest price target of $18 by the end of the month with significant upside in the long term. Wallbox is a great backbone stock for those who missed or caught late the EV super trend.