Quarterly Earnings (April 9th) - Weekly Interval - WDFC

NASDAQ:WDFC   WD-40 Company
Hello Successful Traders,

The stock ( WDFC ) will be announcing today (April 9th) their Q2Es. The saliency of this release could manifest as to whether the PA value will attest current structure (trend) highs, or begin the journey of heading south. Be diligent and generate further analysis prior to entering the market (trade).

Resistance Level 1 - (187.95 - 188.25) 30 cent interval

Key Price Zone (KPZ) - (172.90 - 173.30) 40 cent interval

Support Level 1 - (148.75 - 149. 05 ) 30 cent interval

Support Level 2 - (124.90 - 125.25) 35 cent interval

Furthermore, the greater the (patience and discipline) prior to entering a trade can certainly (validate) one's opportunity to experience a proper trade.

Not Investment Advice. For Educational And Analytical Purposes Only. (Be Diligent and Stick To Your Trading Plan)***