Levels of Interest $WEC

NYSE:WEC   WEC Energy Group, Inc.
TA on levels of interest for WEC
Please note that this is a preliminary research paper and you should continue to do your own research (DYOR). Information about assets can change rapidly, and it's essential to stay updated with the most recent developments.

Notes on how I personally use my charts/NFA:

Each level L1-L3 and TP1-TP3 (Or S1-S3) has a deployment percentage. The idea is to flag these levels so I can buy 11% at L1 , 28% at L2 and if L3 deploy 61% of assigned dry powder. The same in reverse goes for TP. TP1: 61%, TP2:28% and TP3:11%. If chart pivots between TP's, in-between or in Between Sell levels these percentages are still respected. I like to use the trading range to accumulate by using this tactic.

Just my personal way of using this. This is not intended or made to constitute any financial advice.

This is not intended or made to constitute any financial advice.

FED Macro Situation Consideration:

All TP's are drawn within the context of a return to FED neutral policy. I do not expect these levels to be reached before tightening is over.


I am not a financial advisor.

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