Upcoming Breakout in Wipro

1. 5 Star Strategy:
- Monthly RSI > 70
- Weekly RSI > 70
- Daily RSI is bouncing back by taking support near 40 with good volume
2. Volume:
- The daily RSI chart is coming towards for 60 with good volume .
- This shows the market is expecting the Q2 result will be positive the stock.
3. Moving Average :
- The 5 days ema have crossed the 26 days ema and 13 days ema from below.
- This show there is a higher probability for a start of uptrend in Wipro .
- MACD is also about to cross the zero line to show green signal.
4. Earning Release:
- Today Wipro will release the Q2 result.
- The expectation is on growth in profitability of the company.