#WMT: Buy the dip...

NYSE:WMT   Walmart Inc
There is a monthly and weekly uptrend in $WMT, and I like the reward and odds here vs the risk. I'm long using long term OTM call options here (June 2022 $165 calls), risking a palatable amount on call premium. Doing this, you can look into selling shorter duration calls periodically, or going short stock against the position to try and make the trade risk free. It's a good strategy if you have a knack for trading, while riding a big trend.
I like the fact that Ray Dalio recently lost a big pension fund from his list of clients, and one of his top holdings is $WMT...as a bit of contrarian color. Alternatively you can trade this one with shares, as a long term position with no stop, it should work if it holds over $142-140, the signal implies a rally over $167 by May 2022, perhaps can reach target #2 at $198.
My last trade was the yellow box you see on chart, a daily signal which generated a bigger monthly trend trigger. This entry now is the optimal entry to rejoin the trend (near my original entry). I sold the shares near the highs already.


Ivan Labrie.
Comment: Off to a good start...
Comment: To profit here I need price over $165 by June 2022...since I bot call options, but my max risk is capped. Meanwhile I can trade short term short signals in the stock to hedge short term declines.
Comment: The setup is starting to look better now, worth revisiting.
Trade active: Finally bottomed...

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