WNW in price premium and positive sentiment for a day or two?

NASDAQ:WNW   Meiwu Technology Company Limited
Disclaimer: This is speculation -- not financial advice. I am not at all a licensed professional. I currently own shares of NASDAQ:WNW .

Looking at randomly drawing lines, NASDAQ:WNW looks ready for a possible one or two day run up before a cool-down between $16.40-$18.25. From $13. 40 , possibly a 20-36% short term gain before close of March 26.

NASDAQ:WNW up from $9.84 at end of March 7 to $13. 40 at end of March 19, with an intra-day high at $16. 40 on March 18.
Its trading price now crossed over from Discount (Price < VWAP ) to Premium (Price > VWAP ). The last time its trading price crossed over from Discount to Premium was February 11.