WST: Outrageous valuation, Time at mode signals a top is in plac

We can short $WST without much difficulty here. Short at the open and risk either a new daily high, or use no stop and size the trade based on 0.5-1% exposure, considering a $4.83 risk per share.
Target on chart, but, keep in mind this can evolve into a longer term downtrend here as well due to the valuation the company has up here. It's practically a bubble, once it pops it'll get ugly, and fast.

Good luck,

Ivan Labrie.
Trade closed manually
Comment: It turned down again near the end of the day, I'll reenter if we break under the previous 3 day's range.
Comment: How about that? Seems like that was the top.
Comment: That WAS the top.

It could break down here, but I'm flat now.
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