WTER, a Technical versus Fundamental perspective.

NASDAQ:WTER   The Alkaline Water Company Inc
*I'm a beginning crypto and stock trader who receives training and schooling from The Rational Investor's School for Trader Development ( TRI ).
This is posted for entertainment purposes only, not trade or financial advice.

Detailed in this chart are some of the indications I look for to enter a trade. This asset looks bullish to me as detailed on my chart. If trading, I would consider entry at current price of $1.21, or split my allocated capital and enter at a $1.12, .681 retrace, or perhaps a revisit to a previous day's tail at $1.15. Only a very small percentage of my investable capital and risk to 0.

My sell target would be near previous high of $2.42, at a double, where I would self half my position to recoup my initial investment. The rest of my free position rides.

However, a fundamental picture as seen on finviz has its own story, one typically I would avoid when looking for assets to invest in. Some people also have moral and ethical concerns surrounding commercialism of ground water, and, typically, the plastic waste it produces.

In the end, I chose to paper trade this name, only. I'm interested in seeing how the price moves in light of some of its fundamental values.
Thanks for stopping by, and I appreciate any feedback or other perspectives on trading.