Axis point, possible turn towards new highs and more volatility.

FX:XAGUSD   Silver / U.S. Dollar
Either we will see higher volatility going towards new highs in silver now or it will continue on a long term uptrend. The Biden stimulus should however have an impact and result in greater inflations and therefore mean that silver will be valued higher towards the dollar. If it doesn't, then silver isn't connected to fiat and geopolitics and therefore broken and not connected to real life events known to the general population but instead something else. Possibly this other could be the dollars position as a fiat-franca, a currency for transfer and therefore a stronger currency than most. Bitcoin , on a sidenote, would then be questioning this position in a sense and at the same time Elon Musk . At the same time one would also be able to say that Bitcoin should in a sense be connected to silver . A silver / bitcoin index. What the value of silver is in relation to bitcoin .

Hope this contributes somehow to your analysis and thinking in these matters.

Also remember, I'm just a silver noob. Don't take my word for it.