£1200 next for GOLD

Gold priced in GBP£ is nearing all time highs as the British pound continues to see bearish sentiment.
Will we See gold break all time highs and hit £1200 per ounce??
we are currently seeing some consolidation as the market decides on what to do next, we may see a pullback towards our Fibonacci support and previous resistance area before a move higher.
It wasn't so long ago where gold was trading at $1200 Dollars. The pound is very weak just now due to Brexit uncertainty, we may even see the BOE step in to stop the fall if it continues lower.


I m just wanting to know what I can get for my gold jewellery as I paid over £2000 for it and was offered £475 then I heard to store owner saying 2,250 and I said I ll get a quarter of your £2,250 when it's all brandnew gold 2 months old
Thanks 👍
I m trying to get the best price for my personal gold, £1500 gold curb chain and £450 gold bracelet and a gold with white gold buckle as its a buckle ring
How do I get the best price as there's a couple of oz here and it's new stuff only had for 2 months
Thanks 👍