GOLD / Bullish Asia?

FX:XAUUSD   Gold / U.S. Dollar
Nothing change on intraday basis, the only difference is that some levels today move below close price are located

Therefore we may se bullish Asia.
1185 > 1182 support bulls too.

I stick to my initial trade/ idea anyway:
GOLD / 1.000.000$ trade / The cost of patience and time.
Comment: Also to let you know today gold close price as well last low ( todays low ) suggest gold is ready to do a move outside the range 1175 - 1197 and frequency rollover should occur again, as gold prepare for bullish sentiment.
Last time when I told you that I expect a frequency roll-over you saw what happen.
I am not sure will it happen today, may happen tomorrow, because one pivot is still not tagged, but just be ready for it!
Comment: Frequency rollover is move that change pivots and set new temporary weekly pivots, since gold is late to do it.
If you see this idea look at 3rd update when I said I expect a move in gold ( frequency rollover and u saw that drop.)
GOLD / Targets.

I can't describe in detail what it is but in simple words I expect a move OUTSIDE the range. Gold range for days now is 1175 lowest 1197 highest. Gold should change frequency and set the last pivots in new bullish sentiment.
But I say you I am not sure it can happen today, maybe tomorrow since gold is missing one pivot to do it, but it has pretty much done everything and has set pivotal numbers 118.28 ( based on algebraic sum theory ) to do the frequency roll over. So just be noted about a move outside the range!
Comment: One of those days when dynamic intraday calculations working amazingly good, still working hard on it, but so far so good, we have the Bullish Asia, if we would open trade we would be in green, but we already are right?
Curious to see the frequency roll-over. Take care guys!
Comment: Before I leave.. intraday bull dynamic block levels, is where price can struggle.
Comment: I see people confused about frequency rollover. I am not suggesting you to get out of longs as move can be upside as well.. bulls are more in favour in this frequency rollover. Work based on your plan and take profit whenever you want to, but I am holding and will hold, not touching my positions.

As well those who say me that I post pic of account bragging about myself! I am not bragging I am proud of that, like I always say Forex is about making money atleast for me, I don't care someone being proud that he made 100, 200,300 pips or someone being proud of some uber looking techy charts with super precious predictions on the chart, PROFiT that u made from your trade is what you have to be proud of ( that's just me ) So I really care less the other things / factors.
Comment: ###
Also to let you know today gold close price as well last low ( todays low ) suggest gold is ready to do a move outside the range 1175 - 1197 and frequency rollover should occur again ###

Frequency rollover happening, gold moved outside range.
Comment: I don't kinda get the panic people are creating again? What happened did gold drop 100$? Maybe my chart is stuck and I am missing something?
Comment: But it is how it is you never can satisfy anyone. I did my part of the job, I posted a screenshot in updates with intraday dynamic bull block levels. guess 3 times which 1 of these levels blocked bulls...
I said that frequency rollover should occur and gold should move outside the range 1175-1197.. said.. it happen? Happen.
I have done my calculations and I can handle these things and follow up what is going on and react but I cannot baby sit each and anyone of you, that is why you plan your money management, risk management, your trades in general and always do your due diligence. All I can do is give you possible scenarios what I did and they come true.
And haters don't be so happy now, you are too early to do it, if gold drops then I'll admit I was wrong and take it as a losing trade and then you can come and do your guru talking, but for now take it easy as your happines can end up in pain.
Frequency rollover?
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Bruno, I am not very clear from your post. Are you suggesting that today's range could be between 1176 - 1197 with a buy at 1182 - 85??
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Outside can mean under the range? Like 1170 or it's should be up?
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MetalCruisers ja.piotr.bor
@ja.piotr.bor, OUTSIDE means outside something my man! not within. And even if it is down ( don't expect that ) that is good for bulls. Let's see. U know I hold my long positions! Do your plan trade your plan! Cheers.
So, I understand your point is that I take all green pips and enter later for better price ?
@DavidHP, sorry?
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DavidHP MetalCruisers

Now I am in green pips, do u think I closed all and waiting for the correction around 1185 to enter again. Sorry for trouble you. I always follow your ideas :) I think it is apologizing you and double respect to you
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I see. Thank you so much for your comments. I am still learning :)
@DavidHP, what have you learned?
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DavidHP NihalCassim

I am newbie to this market so I need to learn from your guys
I only joined 3 weeks ago, followed your ideas after assessing my risk and can now golf for 3 years for free. Keep it up and your 1-100 will seem simple soon. PS: I have even learned some graph reasoning and projection ideas but I will never catch up to your graphing wisdom. THANKS
Looks like the gold bombing continues... Just can't hold $1190 yet..
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It seems Friday NFP will be much above the expectations. I agree on the scenario about gold prices, but we cannot ignore such data, would you please comment what will you do if NFP will sent dollar to soar?
your not broadcasting today?
will post a chart for u later today :)
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@FXPRO_TREND_TRADER, Publish your chart for TV comminity, believe me your chart doesn't matter for me, so no need to post a chart " for me ". Post it for your followers.
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Thank you!
Where panicking ? I just laugh, because gold is ruthless (for me also :D).
It didn't drop fpr 100$, but... Firstly, we lost 1180 and got rejected from 1193 3 times already. Secondly today's ADP shows we will have awesome NFP, which will send dollar (at least when the news will come out) soaring. This is rather a fake for burning longs or we are in deep ass. ))
@GetMuch, Where dollar soaring ? Maybe knee jerk reaction, but dollar is still high, so I can't see it now higher.
Maybe I'm sth missing.
GetMuch ja.piotr.bor
@ja.piotr.bor, I meant after NFP.
@GetMuch, Yeah I mean it will go for 10-30 min soaring maybe, and then will be back to order if it was good. 90% is priced in today price of dollar that would be good.
If bad - I don't want to see dollar then.
Thanks for the update!
Gold will explode soon. It's all a fake. Not sure if you guys watch basketball. The banks fake and everybody jumps and then they score.
Keep on doing your good work, don't get distracted by poor haters !!! Successful traders have absolutely no reason to hate. The haters you see here are just envious of your skills which they don't have.
Nice charts, tons of pain for gold this week, but I am sure it will pop if Italy votes to leave EU
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Thank you for the hard work and the constant updates.There was multiple opportunities for everyone to take profit, nobody should be complaining...
@TPparadigma - Is today moves means anything outside the rollover ? Or you have some close price that you would prefer to see?
So are u selling out if your long 50 lots at these levels?
this is my idea on gold.... take a close look ;)
I love you brother, keep up the good work.
I also expect a big move in price of gold next week..after Italy referendum..
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