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SUMMARY - I wrote in #009-3 that there's 1 more shift higher possible that was 1 in 6 at that point in time. At this second, this path (#009-5) is gaining on #009-3 even before the next move up to 1930s by 11/22. This creates a couple of problems that require us to scrap the old plans from #009-3 and before (so stop waiting to get long). I wrote in #009-4 that you get upside insurance . Consider taking $ off they table next move up and adding when price dips in areas shown here.

DETAILS - Links to a few posts ago are below. I noted that 1880-1930 area was a volatility zone. It still is. All indicators from my end are yet EXTREMELY BULLISH . So what happens in this area should look something like this. If you have FEB calls, exit them BEFORE 11/22 around 1920-1930. 11/30-12/03 is an EXCELLENT entry zone and that still has not changed. What has changed is that 12/14 to 12/19 looks like a GIANT V. So figure what you risks are and trade accordingly. The easiest move is just buy and hold to for next 53 days, exit 01 /03/22/
Comment: TYPO: 53 days should be 49 days (i.e November 15, 2021 to January 3rd, 2022).
Comment: NOTES: I said last night that I expected 1888 to get hit today. We hit 1871 and stopped. Why would it make the regressions MORE bullish? The major regressions has a lock on 2070-2140 on 12/31 to 01/03. So whatever the short term regressions do, they eventually are forced to conform to intermediate regressions. In this case, failure to break higher is only delaying completion of short term waves. The short term waves are forced to go faster and higher when they do complete because there is less and less time. This in turn contributes to even higher vol in the vol zone. Hence, the 12/13 to 12/1 window should feature at least one 5% down round trip back up that completes in 3 or 4 days. It just so happens that FOMC is 12/15.
Comment: Typo 12/13 to 12/17.
Comment: NOTES 2: This swing looks like 1960 to 1870 and imediately back up, and straight to 2070. This suggests that 2070 to 2140 will be another zig zag, tho not as much vol. With all that said, simplify the trade as much as possible and keep in mind the final Jan 03 target.