Whats your biggest LOSS in 1 trade?

OANDA:XAUUSD   Gold Spot / U.S. Dollar
People think its not ok to talk about losses in trading for some reason but everyone experiences losses, the difference between the successful and the non successful though is how they see and use a loss! Successful traders will accept the loss and go back to work out what went wrong and how they could have avoided it whilst un successful traders just moan like f@ck thinking the world is against them and rush into the same trade trying to make losses back (and yes im speaking from experience from when i first started trading)

My biggest loss in 1 trade was 52k a few years ago when i didnt know what i was doing... And yes i learned from that massive mistake which is why i am now a full time profitable trader.

Now i have a few tips to stop you blowing accounts if you want to message me, i can also suggest some books that helped me and i can give your mindset a kicking so you wont make the same mistakes over and over.

Gold will go up further and could possibly see 1700 soon, the bulls are ready to step in again soon and push price upto this level as on the lower time frames price is been squeezed ready to explode and as you should know gold thrives on fear.

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