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PLEASE LIKE FOR SUPPORT! - First replay #006-13 after the notes below. Then come back and read this in a minute. With the caveat that next 9 hours closes under August 2008 down trend line (roughly 1830), this is the absolute favorite path remaining by a wide margin WITH NO MORE MAJOR CHANGES. Right now, #009-2 is over 75% vs all other routes combined, ESPECIALLY AFTER 12/03!

SUMMARY - Links for all posts since #007-4 are below for background. First, #008-5 should have been #009-1. Hence, this is #009-2, the path here needs more detailing but I just don't have time for it. As stated in #008-5, it WAS THE FAVORITE FOR 24-48 HOURS requiring breakout under 36 hours. And so here we are. Roughly speaking, we are still on same idea since #007-1, that is December rally. The only issue is how fast and how high. As of right now, gold is positioned for the ABSOLUTE QUICKEST ROUTE. That is 2070 by 12/31, 2140 by 01 /03, and almost 2400 by 03/31 (zoom out, there is a box in February for the low and also late March for the high). #009-2 is just an updated version of #008-5.

DETAILS? - Please read the previous at least starting w/ #008-1 for reference. So we had 4 blue lines, only the last two now matter (again w/ caveat stated in first sentence above). There two gray highlights for volatility zones that are not going to budge absent major geopolitical news (i.e. war w/ China being such an example). Since #007-6, I have been 1 step behind the move. This is simply because of the price action if you zoom wide out w/ respect to the triangle. Since triangle is SO BIG, it doesn't HAVE TO take the the VERY FIRST POSSIBLE route, ESPECIALLY SINCE IT HAS DROPPED UNDER THE TRIANGLE. This shows up VERY VERY prominently with all the regression waves on. Furthermore, if we DIDN'T BREAK TODAY, odds heavily favor #008-4 over #008-5/#009-2. We are looking at 1888-1915 on 11/22-23 followed by the check down in that bold black box . If you are not paying option fees, buy anywhere near that box. If caveat holds, 1815 is now the floor for 11/23-12/03 (more likely after 11/28), low looks to be between 1815 and 1830 from 11/28 through 12/03.

STRATEGY - If you are intermediate (3-6 months), it's obvious. If you are trading back to back 7-1 options trade, GET YOUR FUNDS READY now! Our entry should be 11/30 to 12-/03, maybe even on 12/03 specifically. This situation is not like any of the previous ideas I have charted. THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE, the only question is entry/exit price point as entry window has not changed since #007-1.

BTW - Here are some older charts as food for thought. This is to say that this rally has been in my scanners for months, its just a matter of ALL the regression waves agreeing. They all of them agree now.
Comment: NOTES - That last gray box is bc I am not confident we break 2070 in 2021. We are more likely to do it 3-4 days of January.
Comment: Here is Aug 06:
Comment: Note that I had the FOMC "moment of truth box" in the wrong spot, BC FOMC WAS THAT LOW!
Comment: Here was classic #006-10 from Aug 1 (hit replay twice), we were VERY CLOSE from a 6-MO perspective.
Comment: Here too from Aug 12, not a dark horse!

Comment: BTW - If you noticed at all, in #006-10 I didn't expect for it to break the down trend either. But in #006-13, I left that option open. The intermediate regressions caused by the drop under the massive triangle had me leaning #007 series for a while, especially #007-6. In any case, if you take my advice only one time in your life, get your money ready to go by 11/23, even though you might not need it until 12/03. My work for 6 years is basically searching for this moment and it has come. And it will repeat many times through 2025. This I know now. This time, I won't disappoint.
Comment: TIME SAVER ISSUE - I still have #008-4 at under 15%. This is not trivial, if price closes under 1832 today, that puts #008-4 and #009-2 at 45% each. Whatever the case maybe, entry dates are the same. I dont have a reason to update until AFTER Thanksgiving. Good luck and enjoy Turkey day with your family!
Comment: Of course, lower than 1832 tips the dead even odds.
Comment: TYPO ABOVE: AUG 2020 down trend line, not 2008.