Two Trading Systems - Based on Extreme Moves!!!

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Specific Details on Indicators, Thought Process, and Rules are in 1st Post.


Two Trading Systems - Based on Extreme Moves

I was asked to write the Williams Acceleration/Deceleration for @deejmoney … Looking at the indicator I decided to filter out the Signals by creating a LookBack Period of the Highs and Lows and plotting lines at 90% of those levels and color coding the Histogram when it exceeded the 90 Percentile of the Highs or Lows of the LookBack period which I call the Threshold Lines. If that condition is TRUE for the Williams Indicator I found the optimal entry was when the Histogram crossed the 50% level of the ZERO line and the Threshold lines, So I created a rule that plots a Visual Cross. Therefore we filtered out the signals by waiting for the Histogram to Exceed the 90th Percentile of the LookBack period, then waiting for a confirmation of the reversal by waiting for the Histogram to cross the Mid-Threshold line.

Then I applied the same concept to the MACD. This is Beta Version 1 b/c I need to add a few items to the MACD like the visual Cross. However the Entry is when the MACD (Which is the Histogram) crosses the Signal Line (Yellow Line).
***Note The MACD is the Histogram…I left out the normal Differential Histogram you Typically see with the MACD Indicator

***Next I’m going to program in a Divergence Signal on both.
***After the Divergence is coded correctly I’ll duplicate the system for other Popular Indicators.
***I’ve noticed that the Williams Indicator typically gives more signals and shows Counter Trend moves very well.
***The MACD Gives better Longer Term Trend Moves.
***When both Give Same Signal = High Probability Trade.
***Divergences Like on the Last MACD signal = Very High Probability Trades.
***The Orange Histogram Lines plot when the Histogram first reaches Mid-Threshold Lines. In sideways markets these create good Short Term Entries when the Histogram Crosses back Below that line….Note How often the Histogram Reverses when it hits that level...

Depending on the Symbol and TimeFrame you trade you may need to Adjust the LookBack Period of the Threshold lines — Adjust until you visually see signals give Good Trades.

PasteBin Link for CM_MAacD_System

Pastebin Link for CM_Williams_Acceleration-Deceleration-Osc_System

Video On Importing Custom Indicator from PasteBin Link Below:
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vivek.savaliya ChrisMoody

can u get code ?
Parden me good sir but does that code of yours work only on traditional equities and assets ... Or can I give it a shot day trading the crypto markets
Pastebin link of Williams Acceleration/Deceleration is dead. If someone has, please update.
Fantastic. Are these the latest indicators?
Does this system still exist on TV?
ChrisMoody CountofCoins
Which system? The chart directly above if you click on it you can get the code. The chart at the top of the page right under you'll see related Links. If you click on that you'll see the code. Read the first post at the top...those links should still be valid. let me know if you can't find what your looking for...Just give me the specifics of exactly what your looking for.
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hi chris, pastebin links are dead. has this been made obsolete by a newer script? thanks
ChrisMoody B120626
Sorry about the Pastebin link...This wasn't updated to the PineScript Library for some reason. The most recent version is But that MACD shows crosses and is Multi Timeframe Capable. I'll incorporate the Percentile ranks tis one has into the newer version and post it tomorrow or Wednesday.
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ChrisMoody ChrisMoody
On To-Do List...Will be posted Tomorrow, Friday, Or Monday at absolute latest...Finishing up some complex codes I'm in the middle of.