MQP Infinite Regression Intermediate #009-7B

FX_IDC:XAUUSD   Gold Spot / U.S. Dollar
SUMMARY - This is the OVERWHELMING statistical favorite from a price regression and Infinite Volume Oscillator perspective (across several tickers).

DETAILS - There's no statistical "distant second" possibility with this methodology. The blue highlight has been mapped. The gray highlight is generic and not accurately map-able until 12/15. In this instance, it does not need to be mapped until 12/28 because 12/15 to 12/28 is a one way street.

NOTES 1 - The strategy is obvious. Because of the rug-pull forecast on 12/03, longs should exit 12/ 01 or 12/02 and re-enter 12/03 prior to close or 12/ 05 Sunday international open.

NOTES 2 - For the purposes of this test. GLD 12/31 167 calls is 2.85 right this second. I will list prices for this going forward through 12/31.