FX_IDC:XAUUSD   Gold Spot / U.S. Dollar
SUMMARY - Best entry possible between now and 4 PM 11/24 (tomorrow) right after Fed minutes at 3PM .

DETAILS - It looks scary as hell. But it's too late for bears. 12/31 GLD calls and puts at the money, 5:1 ratio (5 calls, 1 put, same expiration, same strike), tomorrow morning is best R/R.
Comment: NOTES 1 - From a regression perspective. 2070 on 12/29 to 01/03 is a lock and has been with the break out after November 10.

NOTES 2 - We should break the most recent high of 1877 on 12/01.

NOTES 3 - 12/03 NFP should be a another similar rug pull like last 36 hours, but not as intense.

NOTES 4 - Despite the intense selling last 36 hours, volume waves are in breakout position.
Comment: NOTES 5 -Link to #008-4 is below. Here is also #007-6:

Comment: NOTES 6 - If you replay #007-6, you will see why it's practically too late for bearish scenario.

Happy Thanksgiving.
Comment: NOTES 7 - I've finally solved for % handicaps between short and intermediate terms. That is to say for example: 2070 between 12/29-01/03 has been my target for a while. Yet the odds for the intermediate route from A to B fluctuates so much on every 1% move. I think I may have reached the end of my technical research.
Comment: NOTES 8 - Here is #008-4:
NOTES 9 - If you replay #008-4, we are essentially right on time (but better bc ceiling has been pushed up).