SAXO:XAUUSD   Gold Spot / U.S. Dollar
Gold is currently trading inside a tight range and near to completion of its final wave (Wave 5) before we see a market reversal back down towards 1828. Another way to confirm that this is wave 5 and we're close to reversal is monitoring price action and the momentum of buys. We can see that price has now slowed down after a very strong uptrend and buyers are failing to push price any higher with the same momentum we had the previous 2 weeks.

Also, with DXY ( Dollar Index ) gaining strength and trading towards a yearly high, Gold being a negatively correlated market in return should go down. We now have confirmation that Tapering is going ahead over the next few months which will decrease the demand of Gold against the Dollar.

I will be catching this move on behalf of myself and my Account Management investors within my fund.