crypto harm reduction plan (trade boomer commodities instead)

OANDA:XAUUSD   Gold Spot / U.S. Dollar
hi, hope all is well and you are all taking care of yourself

*boomer rant incoming*

the crypto market is the worst of all corners of the internet and finance. a bloodthirsty chimera of all our traps and shortcomings on the designer steroids of tech. "the crypto space" is designed to make you miserable, alone, addicted, a state of mind that makes you more susceptible to the loss chasing it's manipulated to push you into. bleeding out your already serotonin and dopamine-starved brain, and making you feel like you have something to prove the deeper you go. to yourself, to your ideals, to your desperation over the financial system and debt-based USD hegemony. farming misery to steal yr coins. don't fall for it. you are fearfully and wonderfully made. position yourself to succeed. everyone says to take breaks but we all know how hard that is with a 24/7 market when we can't live a minute without our phones anyway

/boomer rant (and possible crypto bottom signal, i know ;-) actually still thinking crypto will bounce soon)

the good news is i've had much more success trading this gold range and i feel much better mentally, physically, and spiritually

market closes an hour a day and on the weekends, highly recommend. (absolutely medical advice)

(fib spirals made from double bottoms as per usual, different orientations visually fit til one emerges victorious as s&r...important to remember they are just s&r's. they are just curved trendlines with acceleration and decay, they can break and they are not 100% precise...always manage risk. and lock your scale. mine is 1:1 here, and lately i've been trying to use multiples or factors of 10 (10, 100, 0.1, 0.01) depending on what looks best with the timeframe)

not sure when/where the range would top out, just been trading it smallest possible positions for now. rewiring my brain. if ihs plays out looking at 1920-1930, which would also jibe with the highest resistance spiral. still working out timefibs

both have amazing free vids on youtube, jenkins' is really all you need, watch at 0.5x speed over and over again

take care, and always remember money aint shit. It's all God's anyway


sweated original chart out very stressfully on last night's short from convex resistance...posting update to remind myself of
1. concave resistance (which it ended up respecting on the original chart, but i'd sort of blinded myself to the possibility of)
2. spirals/circles look different on diff timeframes! respected the weekly really well here, where it would have looked like a breakout of the convex daily
3. but interesting how concave daily and convex weekly lined this a predictable thing bc time cycles? aka a certain radial distance grown a number of degrees counterclockwise = same distance (but in weeks vs days aka /7 or ^7 or whatever)
*in days counterclockwise (aka, at 270 degrees counterclockwise it's grown 1.618 ^3 = 4.236...but at 90 degrees clockwise, from the same origin point, it's only grown 1.618...but one is weeks and one is days so is there a point where these differences balance out and you would get the same value


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