Market Structure | Impulse/Corrections

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Market Structure | Impulse & Corrections 🎡😈

What is Market Structure?
Market structure is a trend-following technique that traders use to read and track how the price moves. Bullish moves, bearish moves, and ranges in between Market structure is also known as price action at times. As a result, we call it market structure since that is how the entire market moves.

How to identify Market Structure?
Wait for a swing high/low to be broken.
(candle-stick body must close above swing high/low)

What is Market Structure telling us?
in a Up-trend scenario, higher-lows will provide
in a Down-trend scenario, high-highs will provide

What is impulse/corrections?
The natural behavior of the Market.

What is correction?
When price is in a ranging or sideways market.

What is a impulse?
The point when price impulsively breaks out of the correction

How to use Impulse/Corrections?
to identify which phase we are in, and what to expect next.

Market structure is the guidance to a trade setup, failing to identify market structure will lead to many unnecessary losses and an overall bad analysis.
Every trade consist of few things such as..
The first step to a trade is analysis which requires market structure in order to do so.
Very simple rules to follow.. BUY LOW - SELL HIGH 🎡
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