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Dear beneficiaries of the 1001 Pips Project & Project Trade Like A Pro,

Here is what you've all been waiting for! As you know, we as the pro traders team would make a team chart every week on the 1001 pips project, but it went a little bit different then expected. Due to a different way of thinking we've made the decision to go further with the name: Project Trade Like A Pro. To me, Project Trade Like A Pro is about sharing the best knowledge, and trading strategies to everyone within the TradingView community. This knowledge comes from different pro traders with different TA background. We've selected a pro traders team on different TA skills, to see if all analysis point in the same direction and if so, everyone could benefit from these analysis.

Technical Analysis is my passion, and I can't describe how great it feels to make a chart with an outcome, I expected. This is feeling what we as a pro traders team, would love to share with the TradingView community. @Ichimoku_Trader focusses more on a trading plan and reaching 1001 pips with the 1001 pips project. From now on our project is called: Project Trade Like A Pro.

We are very proud to announce: this weeks' chart: XAUUSD on the 1day timeframe. Every trader has been selected on their own TA-skill and made a chart while using only that skill. You can follow the charts day by day on our Trello Teamboard:

Check it out and don't forget to vote for next weeks, Stock, FX, Crypto, Future or Index. On out Trello Teamboard you can also find our last weeks (pilot) chart on EUR/USD . If you have any suggestions, feel free to add them! If you have any questions, please do send me a DM .

Here you've the final results for this weeks chart on XAUUSD .
Long term:
5 Long
1 Hold Long
1 Waiting

Criss100 - Purplish - Hold Long
5, 10 and 20 just crossed the 50 Ema to the upside. So that's a bullish signal but would not recommend to buy at this level, just hold your longs for now.

Fibline - Red - Long
Risk Reward needs to be closely evaluated here. Three Drives to a Top must be considered. If the Trend line is breached and confirmed. Then the pattern is not valid.

bwy - Blue - Long
XAUUSD is in an uptrend on the daily. I believe the 4 year downtrend is over (which was likely just a pullback on the monthly uptrend). Monthly uptrend has resumed as well, so best to be long XAUUSD I'd say.

avatorius - Orange - Long
After trading entry you should place stop loss below strong support. Or at least keep your position with stop loss above local bottom after your entry

pujariraju - Black - Waiting
I'm still waiting for the high probability trade.I'm looking some choppy zone at Resistance area .We can have some good trades in Future.

Daily.Pips - Green - Long
I am looking forward to a bullish outcome of XAUUSD price after a correction this summer. Not sure yet about the entry, depends on price action, but would like to see a test of the bottom of this range for a long for the rest of the year.

Maddie - Pink - Long
Long term up due to the falling wedge , this indicates a bottom formation. Short term down to finish the horn pattern, if finished and the highest resistance gets broken, it'll go more up.

If you still have any questions after reading this, feel free to send me a DM .
We hope this provides you the knowledge you need! We can’t wait to see what's coming up for next week.
Please, don't forget to vote on next week's chart on our Trello Teamboard:

Good luck trading !
Members of Project Trade Like A Pro


with all regards .. this wave count is totally wrong . the rules arn't applying like that and there is many mistakes in identifying your waves that makes many mistakes in your wave digrees witch make chian of mistakes
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Maddie MohammedSolaiman
Could you please tell me what's exactly 'wrong' in your opinion about the wave count?
Av_ MohammedSolaiman