FX_IDC:XAUUSD   Gold Spot / U.S. Dollar
The price does not go higher, under pressure from the seller, gold falls, after trying to buy off. Waiting for a fall after a return outside the 1796 border to support the range - 1761

Traders, if you like this idea or have your own opinion about it, write in the comments. I will be glad👩‍💻


lol, this guy changing his idea daily. I don't know why trading View making them top author.
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hymano BruceWebTeam
@BruceWebTeam, Every trade idea has alternative views, structure could change anytime then we adjust accordingly.. no crustal ball
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@hymano, anytime , not everytime.
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EvgeniyHadzh BruceWebTeam
@BruceWebTeam, You are absolutely right. This st.upid lady should be banned.
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Viktor_FX BruceWebTeam
@BruceWebTeam, no one is specifically engaged in the rating of authors on TradingView, just an automatic calculation of the number of generated ideas, likes and comments.
Even you, with your negative comment, help this author to be in the top. ;)
No one forces you to look at the authors' ideas.
Fortunately, this Service does not prohibit users from sharing their ideas.
And you should restrain your anger and bad manners.
If you don't like it, just don't look.
@EvgeniyHadzh, this also applies to you!
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BruceWebTeam Viktor_FX
@Viktor_FX, if like and comments make me top author in trading view , I am creating 200 trading view fake account to make my self top. and these fake account will give me good reviews like these people. what ever its a joke , if you don't know how to analysis learn first we are here to find talent not here to waste our time . I love trading view platform and love their afford. thanks for your comments.
No, no! XAUUSD cannot go to fall after 1805.56000! This destroys all the rules of technical analysis !!!
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Viktor_FX MisterFibo
@MisterFibo, it may seem strange, but there is an idea of a perfect self-learning machine that manages the market and broadcasts initial prices. The machine constantly learns to find and break the laws of technical and fundamental analysis for the relative stabilization of the market and, of course, in favor of the owner(s) of the machine.
With one mistake, it is a market because it changes to a large extent from the rise. There are many experts whose idea does not come true with a comment. Do not judge a person if he makes a mistake in evaluating the market
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thanks very much for your trade idea my love Lingrid
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