GOLD / Breakout / Sentiment is the King.

FX:XAUUSD   Gold / U.S. Dollar
This is the last trading day this week, so all we need to do is end it up as good as we have been all these days.
We should be fine.

I am buying at 1256.5
Floating levels go higher.
Transitions both at the same level ( rare )

Today we trade two events live with High Frequency Machine.
Retail Sales and Yellen speech, since both should have high impact.
If I get bullish signal before Retail Sales, I ass to my longs just before news.

Later on If I get Bearish signal on Yellen Speech, I add to my longs again.
Event live on Periscope.
We trade them just because I hate to not be in in such moves!
When news arrive, big move is already done a.k.a money gone!

Gold             constants / sentiment based on JAFR. King GOLD!!

Trade active: Buy limit active! Can be seen in TP Paradigma account. I am taking a nap, hard day guys, two events, HFT will take a lot of mental energy. Today will be huge! See you on Europe Session!
Comment: Buy limit moved to 1256.8
I can expect some DD on this, but I'll handle it. Trade with care and be safe!
Comment: An alert just woke me up lol. What a nice Entry to be honest. Holding.
Comment: """ If I get bullish signal before Retail Sales, I ass to my longs just before news. """ lol, and there is no way to correct description. Sorry..
Trade active: Transition changed. Seems we are going for that 52.
Comment: "" Transition changed. Seems we are going for that 52. ""

Taged 52.
We saw a Transition test back at 1256, and dump!
Comment: I am not suggesting to add to the longs here at the given moment, we are suffering minor draw down, as well congrats to those who took sell. Patience!
Comment: To be honest, I don't like the behaviour of market today! It did exact same things what it did on October 4 crash. Tested back the last Transition and huge crash afterwards. Exact same picture I am seeing today. It is very quiet. Today will be big day! In approx hour or so, get ready for Retail Sales! If it gives me Short signal, I will deff Hedge my long position!
Comment: I want to let you know that if you don't know how we trade News, then do not trade them. If you take my trade call you do that on your own risk. I am not responsible for loses it may cause to you! Trading news is VERY risky, and you should understand that.

For now it shows SHORT signal meaning that when Retail Sales hit the market momentum should be short, where it goes after momentum is not predictable by HFT.
I will be as always doing live translation, and updating here for those who cannot attend!
I keep rights to cancel the event at any moment!
Comment: Live
Comment: Short trade!
Trade closed: target reached: Trade got short, and reached daily wave 5 and 6 TP's. I closed the sells!
We should test 1255.
Comment: Like I said on Periscope we should reach 1255 ( Test the transition ) Close your longs there!!
Comment: Wow! Just Wow! Here you go this is what you get for being in public and puting the money where your mouth is! One messed up signal, and you got HATE. Instead of DM'ing me, you can come and write that in comments down below!

Where did I F up? The whole week I was right, now just because of a minor DD people start to talk crap!

The only place where I F up today was with not closing the sell at 1256. I woke up, I saw it was broken downwards, and I knew it will test back 1256, and I had a feeling that 1252 will be seen, I writed it, I updated! I didn't said to close the buy because I had faith in 1254 - sub transition. It didn't held! Gold got down for that 52, that I said!

It reached 45? Well damn it go back and look up my latest ideas! See where the wave 5 0% was. See where the TP2 from wave 6 was. It all was there. Look at the chart now. It all is reached! I just didn't react properly!

What is the problem? Gold should test back 1255. You will cover your long with little to no minus.
I got out in Periscope on the event, I told it is short, it was short.
Show some respect, for hard work that is being put in every day.
There are a lot of numbers, anlaysis involved, and I am just a human being, not a robot.

And this will end up anyway with little to no minus.
If you are so smart, than post your ideas, and show me what is in your wheel house.

That's my rant, because of PM's I got.
All you show is you are full of emotions, blind, and without any patience whatsoever.

Let''s wait for 1255.
And Don't forget we trade Jane Yellen later today!
Comment: Show me any other person that interacts with followers as much as I do here on TV, and show some respect, if you don't want to, hit the Un-Follow button. There are plenty of charts here posted on Gold to trade!
Comment: Trade update!
Once again I Repeat, gold should test back 1255 transition like it did with 56 today before the dump! I highly suggest you to close the buy there. It will be little to no minus there.
Regarding my buy, I will not close it bcz of some reasons, and hold it!

But please, do your due diligence and close it, I suggest you to do it.
Comment: Here you go! You was able to close at BE! No minus whatsoever! huh?
Comment: Hmmmm.. Seems we will be able to go for a buy! Transitions broken upwards! Let me check! If so, we wait for test back as always, and we could buy this! Let me check and update you!
Comment: We were in problems that turned out in profits!
Patience is the key virtue of good investors.
Trade active: Risky buy opened! Transition test done! Due your due diligence before you follow!
Comment: Why I opened buy is because again 1255 ( transition, was broken upwards. Now Gold testing it, if break downwards again, then we wait for it to be tested, so this is the beauty with transitions, you can always get out of the bad trade at BE, if you follow timing rules and get the right entry! Let's see will 55 hold, or will be broken!
Comment: 1255 transition broken downwards. Closing my buy at test back.
Comment: No matter where it goes, transition 1255 test back to be done!
Comment: The beautiy of Transitions. Market going back to test Transition 1255, since it broke it downwards and did not touch it after it. So giving me a chance to close my buy!

I am not gojng to open any new trades after that! Soon Yellen Speech!
Comment: Closed longs! :) Transition is the KING!
I am out of business till Yellen!
Comment: I will be eralier on Periscope so I just can talk with u guys and answer some questions maybe. I hope we will enjoy this trade!
HFT is signaling Bullish for now, but still something may change. Let's see!
Comment: Gold again broke 1255 upwards and retested transition, but I am not buying. Would be good if it stays above this transition before speech!
Comment: LONG!!
Trade closed: target reached: Thanks for being with me Live, and Glad to know you did make some profits on this small move!
I will make an Idea tomorrow with interesting thing for you guys!

Peace and have a great weekend!
Gonna be a great day!
Your sentence; "If I get Bearish signal on Yellen Speech, I add to my longs again". I hope you mean opposite ;
+1 Reply
No, I meant it right. Speeches are not stable, they always go opposite. If Speech shows Short, we can take Short, close it, and go long.
Retail sales and NFP are stable. If numbers are good, they are good, and not changed!
Granny blah blah blah is another thing!
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Viking83 PRO MetalCruisers
Aha! So its always like this during speeches? Initial direction will not be the final direction in unstable events?
Yes. Gold bulls should be more worried If I get long signal before yellen speech.
+1 Reply
Viking83 PRO MetalCruisers
Interesting. Any idea what is causing this?
Can't describe it so easy in comments. Some day man, some day!
+1 Reply
lio MetalCruisers
Market makers?
+1 Reply
Yes Great entry - thank you very much
Hi TPP, What level for new trasition?
MetalCruisers earthkamol
It's all good!
+1 Reply
earthkamol MetalCruisers
Still 56-64 ?
MetalCruisers earthkamol
I'm holding!
+1 Reply
earthkamol MetalCruisers
Nice to here that. I'm also holding. ^^
I'm a bit confused. Are you both long and short at present?
No, he took only long at 56 and 52.
UNLIMITED earthkamol
IMHO gold is not yet ready for long (except short-term spikes) ...
october is not yet finished and that means that we will see, with a great probability, new deeps ...

buy only between 1200 & 1216 with target 1312.5 (in november), there again short with target 1170...

MetalCruisers UNLIMITED
If Gold breaks 1227, I will not buy it this year anymore any time soon.
Marvin earthkamol
Hmm, ok thx. It's just that 7 hours ago he said "trade active. Transition changed. Seems we are going for that 52." And price was way above 52 then.
I had faith 54 will hold, so I did not short, but you never can beat Transition. Should close the long and take this sell, but was little confusing! Anyway.. Lets keep move on!
Rizka MetalCruisers
I took a sell at 1253... should i keep it?
oh oh oh......thats will be the day .....
Any ideas how much it can go down?
sulbas RafalZ
under 48, 41 is waiting, then 37, it should stop between 20-27 range after that 1198 and goes to apprx 1100..God knows!
Keep up your great work, followed with interest! Trolls will always exist because of poor risk management connected with the emotional feelings of loss.
Woke up and saw it was consolidating in the bottom of the triangle. That shit normally breaks out to the downside.
Yellen show will be a great end to the trading week.
And again; Keep on sharing :)
well said! Respect brother!
Viking83 PRO MetalCruisers
Supporting people who share of themselves. Always!
No I saw Projacks ( tntsunrise ) idea and got influenced.. just made little different chart so people dont spot it..
I always copy others here, and get famous!!
lol.. it is what I got in PM box today! :D
Haters gonna hate... People make their own calls at the end of the day, whether it based on other people's ideas or not. Ignore them ;)
I like the fact that most are smart after the move happened! Ouu I know it will go down.. you was wrong.. lol.. Where you was before it did go down? Executing the buy order with me? hahhaahah
dont care those people bud. we all see ur works, efforts and also ur care about ur followers. we know how u wish to share much profits together with ur followers here. keep up.
Closed buy at 57. What to do next? Sell?
MetalCruisers earthkamol
You're doing a great job man. I am pretty sure there are many followers like me who respect your efforts and talents. CHEEERZZZ!
Maximum Respect!
You are fantastic. So accurate. Incredible.
I made profit both ways. Long & Short. Thank you very much
I am very glad to know it my friend!
slingss MetalCruisers
I had followed a lot of people. I agree there is other person that interacts with followers as much as you do. You are sincere and caring. Thank again.
You are really doing a great job to us as followers. Thank you! Glad to be following your ideas!
How to post a chart?
one more try

This chart was created on the 7th october ... blue or red development will follow...
MetalCruisers UNLIMITED
Cool stuff man! Let's hope for the best! ;)
i guess the problem is that most ppl dont understand what HFT / range scalping and order hedging is. they only want fast profits with no risk. dont overreact on that kind of traders they will disapear sooner or later ;)
its rly interesting to see your style of trading so please keep up the work and thanks for sharing! so please keep up the good work and hopefully we will see a nice low at yellen tonight to add some longs

cheers mate
Respect bro!
TPP respect all Your strategy. I must learn much muc, and I will be devoted follower. Because You share all possible to explain to share ideas and support. Thanks
MetalCruisers JiriMarek
You are the KING...waiting for Yellen
@TPparadigma, maybe the beauty of going long will be once she says the first word of her speech
MetalCruisers showerreport
All dpeneds on what HFT will signal to us! If short, I will go long after short spike.. ;) But hey.. let's see!
Tpp, whenever would be convenient for you I would appreciate it if you could answer my question (your idea is valuable to me). I know you're mainly an HFT specialist, but could you please give me your take on longer perspectives of gold? do you think that we are still in a bull market (right now having some pullback) and whether you think gold (buying bullions and the miners) could be a wise longer investment (more than a year). With many thanks bro.
Ill answer your question later. I am busy now ;) Yellen in couple mins!
Soren_S MetalCruisers
Sorry for the interruption. I didn't mean now. As I said, whenever it would be convenient...thanks again
Great job, TP! Have a fun weekend :)
I can feel your stress reading through these comments! :-)
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