GOLD - Monthly - Multi-Timeframe Analysis Series 1

FX_IDC:XAUUSD   Gold Spot / U.S. Dollar
GOLD has a correlation to the strength of USD, as a risk-off asset investors seek haven in the event of Dollar weakness (USD falls > GOLD rises). I'm sure there's more to it than that, be sure to check it out online for yourself.

The Monthly timeframe has a clear to identify trading zone from 1330 - 1180 region. Alone this isn't enough to form a thesis for the direction of GOLD in my opinion due to the level of acceleration into the resistance zone of 1330's. Looking left you can see a clean sell-off followed by a decisive buyers rally. This tells me there's interest in buying GOLD which could see prices near the highs before a fall back down to the bottom of the range.

Looking at the candlestick formation at the top of the zone, we have a nice high test candle which stands out from the rest of the price action looking left. I would like to see more deceleration though before trading GOLD to the downside.

The current month hasn't come to an end yet, so the most recent Monthly candle cannot be considered complete.

Key Note
During a ranging market, the EMA's will trade sideways and cannot be used with the same set of rules as during a trending market. If a range is formed on the Monthly timeframe however, a trend can exist on the lower timeframes. You need to be aware of your time horizons when considering confluences. Price always rules over indicators.