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HEADER - This draft deals with just this week.

SUMMARY - Everything in DRAFT 2 still applies after wards. I just don't have time to adjust the whole thing.

DETAILS - Last 2 drafts in the links.
Comment: NOTES -

1. so IRL is base 2 layering, but it doesn't help in forecasting all that well
2. base 3 is much more effective, but it requires at least 3 angles at a time to see all the blindspots
3. so all the blue boxes apply to one set, all reds to a second set, and all blacks to a third set
4. if you do 6 sets, you would have the perfect forecasting device
5. but it's not humanly possible, only a machine can do tthat
Comment: 6. that is to be "continuously" updating
7. if you've followed my notes, you could see that if I don't sleep, my forecasting notes are much more effective
8. I'm going to prove this theory the next time I have time to stay up 4-5 days at an inflection point
Comment: 8:48 PM ET MONDAY

1. this thing should get to 1833-36 before slowing
2. there should be a test on Tuesday during U.S. market
3. the floor right now is 1807
Comment: 9:48 pm - Looks like 1814 is next.
Comment: 1:07 AM TUESDAY

1. support at 1820 has turned trends back up
2. I think 1835 next and then 1812 after that
3. so just like this draft's forecast (draft 3)
Comment: 8.52 AM TUES, 1836 this morning, retrace has no conviction.

1. It wants higher b4 next retrace.
2. So 1840, 1852 are next.
3. Regressions showed this 60 minutes ago, as it was dripping to 1829.
4. I'm working on the next draft.
Comment: 8.59 AM

OR .. WE GO 1822, 1852, 1818...
Comment: 11:04 AM

1. so 1820 doesn't want to hold
2. my up date looks pretty close to draft 3 as it is
3. so I have nothing to post
4. if it continues to 1810, that's a good entry for me
Comment: 12:05 PM TUESDAY

1. volume patterns say fib 50%, 68% both get hit
2. so that's 1811 and 1802
3. if momentum continues bearishly
4. personally, I would take 1804.5 entry if that gets hit
Comment: 12:10 I wonder...

1. I've made all the money shorting this..
2. and volume is barely showing any reason to go long
3. all I have is price regressions...
4. so what I see is 1804, 1845, then again 1818
5. why not wait until 1818 to commit...
6. i would still be tactically long at 1804, just with 1800 stop and 1840 exit
Comment: 12:55 PM ET

1. this draft needs an update for 18th and forward
2. don't have time right now
Comment: 1:10 PM

1. so after the next check down the second spike will play
2. but the SECOND retest will last into wed night and even thursday morning
3. so the third spike is about 12-18 hours early for this cart

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