FX:XAUUSD   Gold Spot / U.S. Dollar
Following on from yesterdays trade, we've banked 70% of the trade around the 1750 level and moved the stop to entry. What we're looking for now is some exhaustion on the price. We would like to see this close above the 1740 level and potentially come back down tomorrow to find support around 1740-35. We will leave our trade running as we're looking for the price to go a little higher over the course of tomorrow and maybe Friday.

Our long is protected and our short from last week is protected so we're in a comfortable position on Gold at the moment. 1770-75 is the level to look out for for us.

As always, trade safe.

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Very True ..
Great analysis 🧐
@ZenoReal, πŸ™
After it touch 1770/75, do u think it will come down again or it will continue to rise?
KnightsofGold suddenSuccess24949
@suddenSuccess24949, We always update our plans regularly, please keep an eye on our posts for the latest analyses.
suddenSuccess24949 KnightsofGold
@KnightsofGold, i ask this because if it breaks 1770/75, it could turn bullish, so i wonder if this rise is just a retracement or a reversal?
Thank you.
@rakdhu, πŸ™