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HEADER - Is the gold bull still alive? Will faith be restored to shaken believers?

SUMMARY - As stated in 21 A-B-C, I hedged for this scenario. Those hedges are now full blown longs. Despite odds of it going to zero with NO VOLUME INDICATORS showing it remotely possible, I held on to this scenario for so long because the foundation of my theory on price regressions were going to get destroyed if 20H didn't play. Despite the move squeezed into 8 trading days, it should still play if some conditions are met.

DETAILS - Will post later.

1) hit the first box today
2) retest to 1835 today
3) break today's high and close there Friday, preferrably at 1875+
Comment: 3) typo, 1885+
Comment: BTW - If you replay 21C and read my NOTES about price and the three lines, this is exactly what's happening.

1. this is just the same chart at top but focusing on this first mvoe
2. so the dark gray wave is 8-day wave inclusive of all the short trends
3. the gray bollinger is the 8-day bolllinger
4. price needs to hit near the top of that bollinger in 6 hours or less
6. this is because it has to checkdown to the support line
7. this line is an important one broken last week and just now retaken (more immediately)
Comment: 8. after that it needs to move to the median of the orange bollinger (1875)
9. but we are so compressed on the x-axis (time) with the move now, so 1885 should really get hit before Friday's close
10. this will followed by 60-72 hours of sideways and staircase up price action for Monday, Tuesday, and first half of Wednesday (more soon)
Comment: 11. the intensity of this move will be second of half of Wednesday 24th, Thursday, Friday, Sunday (international market), and first half of Monday (5/30)
12. this strongly implies that in that zone 5-24 to 5/30, there should be a 180-200 pt move
Comment: 14. it's 1839 as I type this, the stop should be 1825
15. typo in (8.), it should be navy/purple bollinger
Comment: IMPORTANT - In (4.) where I said 6 hours or less this implies 3PM ET today. The red wave (64-hour) regression wave, is saying it has until 9 PM ET, which is after market.
This also means Friday will feature decent 2-way vol, SWING DOWN, SWING UP at 30-35 pts each way.
Comment: IMPORTANT 2 - If we can't take the first box in time. There is one last option, DRAFT 2 (see here):


1. technically, we were still on DRAFT 2 because DRAFT 3 was a 1 week draft focusing on this week only
2. in that sense, DRAFT 2 is the most "completed" and reliable draft for now bc...
3. this draft, DRAFT 4, is an "incomplete" draft that only using 2 sets of regressions
4. the only difference between DRAFT 4 and DRAFT 2 Is that DRAFT 4 expects 1965 TO HIT TODAY
5. in other words, DRAFT 2 needs 1 more box at 1965 between today and tomorrow
6. I don't have time for a "complete draft" so...
7. I will write updates here until 2 AM FRIDAY
8. after that, we will go back to DRAFT 2 and continue there until there's a need for DRAFT 5
Comment: 12:10 PM ET

1. hit 1849 and pulled back moments ago
2. not enough, we need 1862, 1859 bare minimum, I think we have a shot at 1864
3. preferably in 3 hours from now but it may take 9 hours
Comment: 3.44 PM STILL 1842

1. window is open for move to 1849 in 2 hours
2. I would be really suspicious if we don't make it to 1958-1964 before a retrace
3. I might be up the whole night to nail the overnight low 1825-1830 before blasting off
Comment: 10: 29 PM ET THURS 5/19

1. from here on out I will continue in DRAFT 2 until I can post DRAFT 5
2. click chart below for DRAFT 2:


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