XAUUSD Sell brekdown

FX_IDC:XAUUSD   Gold Spot / U.S. Dollar
Hi there,

XAUUSD is setting up for breakdown,

Watch for sharp breakdown during FOMC and look for sell.

Good Luck


Let all the guys that disagree with you lose money. Great analysis. The sharp breakdown in the first hour after FOMC is a fact.
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Disagree, everything right now points to gold price going higher. If you are going to present such a contrarian case at least provide the logic you are using to arrive at that conclusion.
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tradingflx gmarin305
@gmarin305, well that didnt last long lol
this is very precise
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Nice job! Keep it up.
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Fxhash Tradersweekly
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@Fxhash, If you would like:

What are your thoughts?
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Hi ,I saw ur post always only sell setup??
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Note that Powell definitely said the Fed would continue to buy at minimum 120 billion/month of assets and debt and 40 billion/month of mortgage backed securities AT LEAST till 2023. Then in 2023 it “may” taper. So more bullshit and inflating the debt.
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