"Two worlds one future" from the movie "upside down 2012"

FX:XAUUSD   Gold Spot / U.S. Dollar
776 32 15
Warning: Pure theory not for trade.
This is an example how correlation changes. After that red line we have an upside down situation. It's a self-fulfilling machine.
Comment: In case we have a rates hike next week. Watch out the SMA 10 months, it's the key.
Comment: Remember that: There's no turning point without extreme sentiment and volitality and capital squeezing. We could see multi spikes above SMA 10 months. This is an other 2001 cycle not likes 2008.
Comment: It was the rates hike pushed inflation from 0.7% to 1.4%. Think about it who is making the inflation? Or manipulating market?
Comment: What's the market done at 2001 cycle. Where those spikes will be. Time and dates are not accurate, they're removed for a better chart view.
Comment: Thank you for your likes! This is how the trend has been forming.
Comment: Stay tuned renminbi is broadcasting ......
Comment: After that thin red line we have inflation leading us for 11-12 months. From time perspective we shall have 11 months gold running to Nov. 2016 at least. From price perspective if it's rising as the same angle as 2009 we should have 30 dollar per 0.1% inflation. The target is 1046+30*14=1466.
The upside down world means when the gold is up, the inflation is down. So at 1466 we will have lower inflation in USA which is too low to help FRB then they have to do it again. The second hike will support inflation up to 1.4% or more and should draw down gold. At the second hike we could calculate the angle per 0.1% inflation down it suppose to be flatter than the up angle and we could predict how long the draw down will be and how deep it will be.
Comment: Patience is the key virtue of a good investor. This pair has its 10 months SMA at 1268 after last month close. Let's see the price there.
Comment: I knew some top authors are looking my chart.
Comment: Stop buying, the trend colud have been change down.
No update untill clearly directions.
Comment: Huston we have problems.
As the chart showing us the DXY is representing the USA inflation or we can say EURO now is the measuring currency for the inflation. Usually, we always have USD as the price measuring currency because EURO is not a popular currency for all over world countries markets, they are all aiming to the USD for pricing all kinds of commodities. From 2015 CHF black swan the correlation is inversed by manipulating from FRB and SNB. For my point of view they're all selling the gold now because USD is the inflation but not the gold.
But we have Trump wins in 2016. We now know he is cutting tax from companies and repealing health insurance plan. The incomes of US treasury will be less and only double the US bunds can help the budget of US government finance. We can not rule out that FRB will rise rates in Dec. 2016 because the Trump wins will change it. It's very hard to change the long term correlation like that without an other black swan situation. We're watching it very carefully if any thing can change it back. That means if the inflation is weak gold should fall and DXY should rise.

Here is the thing:
1, correlation goes on without black swan, inflation up DXY up gold down, inflation down DXY down gold up.
2, correlation changes back to normal by black swan, inflation up DXY down gold up, infaltion down DXY up gold down.
And from my point of view NO hike in Dec.
Comment: Boring, a hike like last year. The SSI is changing rapidly from +2.2 to +1.17 nearly flipped to net short in last 30 minutes, a margin call, I guess a lot of speculators are blowed off in a short time.
Now we may try some long here. But remember, as long as UJ is rising this bounce off is short lived.
Trend is DOWN.
Comment: I redraw this chart with new inflation data after the second hike. The negative correlation isn't changed yet. I think the Brexit is the one failed trying of returning it back to normal. Because Brexit should push gold up FTSE up and Sterling down but it's failed. Image if you are a British, before Brexit you bought a lot of gold and stocks to protect your purchase power and now those investments are all going to fail. Thanks for the dollar negative correlation.
Comment: Now let's put all those emotions away and look it carefully.
After the first hike, we got the inflation from 0.7 to 1.4 and falling to 0.8 in 7 months. After the second hike last week we got it from 1.6 to 1.7, it was only rose by 0.1. We're waiting for next month to look at it if it's falling and failed. From my point of view the US inflation is weak and not sustainable.
Let's inverse this from Jan. 2015 with black bars and paste it back. Look at the trendline from longterm we can see the real inflation is breaking the trend line now.
So the next inflation rate is the key for keeping us looking at it. And remember following keys:
Here is the thing
1, correlation goes on without black swan, inflation up DXY up gold down, inflation down DXY down gold up.
2, correlation changes back to normal by black swan, inflation up DXY down gold up, infaltion down DXY up gold down.
Comment: Now, let's do a small calculation.
2015 dropping = 1307- 1046 = 261$ , as an equal leg ,
2016 dropping = 1375- 261 = 1114$.
We have low at 1122$ so there will be some lower next week to adjust the 0.1% inflation by 7$.
Tomorrow, I would like to take this farther to show you guys DAX and DXY after the upside down world. It'll be very very interesting.
Comment: Oh, I forgot this. Let's do a rough caculation of inflation truncation. Because it's an equal leg and the inflation should like this.
2015 rising = 1.4- 0 = 1.4, as an equal leg, we should have
2016 rising = 0.8+ 1.4 = 2.2 after the hike.
But we only have 1.7 now. This is called a truncation by EW waver.
2016 rising = 0.8+ 1.4*(0.618)= 1.66, around 1.7
The Brexit also caused a truncation from EURO measured gold. So for me it looks like failing in USA inflation too. After the truncation the EW wave suggest a pullback to 0.8 or lower to complete a 3-3-5 flat or a 5-3-5 tree waves back.
I'm not assuming this will be bottomed or something of buying signal.
It's an imagnation.
Comment: See the new analysis "An Artificial Inflation (wants to see new episode Star Wars)" to find DAX and DXY futures.
DXY target is around 105 (104.68) if the correlation is going on and the inflation expectation is lower in Jan. 2017.
Comment: Inflation expectation in USA could go to 2.2% as an equal leg or higher and DXY could be rushing to form an big head.
This is NOT a buying signal.
Comment: On trading
Comment: Look, I can trade all your ways, something's confidential, like hedge way that you can't image.
More trading less showing in 2017.
Comment: Batman pattern (Alt) 0.886 completed partially, could go to 3.618 C leg and 1.128 XA. Added more short here.
Comment: stop: 1186.65 Batman pattern Alt 1.128 XA.
target: adjusted to 1175.22, a pivot daily and 0.618 truncation.
Go to sleep now, let it be.
Comment: Stopped out already, a trader's life.
C'est la vie.
Comment: Expecting US inflation is failing from 1.7-1.8 to 1.7*(1-0.786) = 0.36 around 0.3%-0.4%. It'll be very interesting to see central banks actions from this failing especially under Trump's hard trading conditions shadow. They could do NOTHING this time.
Comment: I completed monthly analysis. The gold inflation could ping-pong between 0.9% - 1.8% for several months before the failure. Commercial currencies are all hiking In this year of 2017. It's gonna be very shaky before something happen from FRB.
Comment: More liar... Truth is boring. Denis.Y.Y
Comment: The fractal resonance is an experimental tool, I'm looking to back test it for the best performance and update ends here.
Comment: This is NOT a signal.
Many scalpers and traders are off the train today, that's good. This is an healthy retest the neck-line from ETF SPDR increasing the net holding for the price down in negative interests condition. 6 days increasing by 18 Ton net holding is the reason caused the price down. The indexes are rallying, capital flows into stocks and today the SPDR net holding is flat.
The BOJ steps in today and Trump is angry about the YEN's weakening, the meeting of Trump and Anbei will be an Golf journey. Let's see Where the neck is, an head shoulder PO by 1X should happen.
Comment: ETF SPDR holding decreased by 2.37 Ton the first one after 8 days increasing.
Comment: Speculators are off the train now. The SSI reverted from net long holding to net short holding on the first week. If you on the train then wait for the impulse to take your profits, if you're not on then watch it. Looks like staying away from the market some time is better way for scalpers.
Comment: Off the train today and watch it.
Comment: There're some pending orders......
Comment: The FXCM SSI is +2.3 net long holding from scpeculators, this means more down side moving. Orders are pending...... I will wait and see Lol. There's no entry before 15th March and the Netherlands election result.
Comment: Source:
Since we're waiting for the healthcare bill vote and the storm is still on, I'd like to talk about the real technics of the battle field statics from the triangle. Some thing you may notice that:
1, The triangle E as the burst point often starts near the D point or the apex.
2, The triangle is a 3 wave but it swings like a 5 wave.
3, If the E point moves to the apex without bursting then the power is weak.
4, Be careful to trade the triangle, it's the hedging fund manager's favorites.
An very good example here...
Comment: It's very interesting to watch speculators actions now. ^^
Comment: No panic, we're at March close and a weekend close, profits taking could form the monthly wick tail. This's very common nowadays in a low volitality market condition. Buy the dips, ok? If the trend pulls back then flat, we're not gonna take every pips from the market, right? Take it easy. Not everyday is a trading day.
Comment: Many scalpels have habits to trade at the weekend and monthly close there're too many ideas now on TV today, could be the record high. Lol. I suggest scalpers ignoring the correlations and ignoring long term analysis just plan to trade short time. Long term analysis is the specialty of analysts and one of the best long term analyst is undervalued on TV.
Comment: I shall publish a new idea of April fool Gold soon, stay tuned......
Comment: April fool Gold!!! this's a joke! Lol... check out the date...
Comment: Source:
I hope you guys are on the right side of the market.
Comment: Yesterday our Japanese analyst and I have an interesting talk about why US-China have to hold the second round meeting in Washington. We drew all lines together and found those treads point to only one conclusion ...
This's very sensitive now what I can tell you guys is the risk on is coming back and forex market shall move.
Comment: This could go higher before the France election till end of the April. We have BOJ on the 27th. If BOJ act, this one will be flat for several months. Because if DXY and Yen are both going weak their correlations with XAUUSD should cancel each other. I will sell all my positions after the election and invest a better market.
Stay tuned......
Comment: The 15th. April is a key time window for North Korea showing their hands. Our analysts suggest that all possibilities could happen but not just the sixth nuclear test. This week may end dramatically with Kim's announcing open talks of giving up nuclear and economic reforms like what in 1980's China did. As we now know over 200 foreign journalists are gathering in there and a big event will happen. Let's see the show.
I really suggest scalpers flat or taking profits or balancing the account in gold today. We can trade it later from next week.
Comment: Source:
Now we focus on France election. The first round result could be the "petit Pont" (Le Pen) and the "Macron cake" (Macron). Then we go to the second round.
The North Korea nuclear 6th. test is still on, BTW.
Comment: We now have the 10 months SMA at 1254-1255 area before this month close. The long term trend line should be retested after the broken. This month close is very important. If we look at the GDX then gold cloud drop hard with more corrections in the May. Commercial currencies are against DXY and are getting stronger for dragging down gold but after purchase power recovering those directions should be clear.
The long term correlations are changing now, it will take some time before the final solution.
Again today is a weekend and a monthly close, I suggest flat in case of scalper's orders are trapped in wick tail for a very long time.
Comment: This's an alert!
I suggest traders be prepared for this condition where NO circulation will be provided for banks and for brokers to execute trader's stop losses.
Consider an potential EURO huge impulse to 1.20 will drag down DXY and will drag down gold from SNB's weakening CHF possibility is becoming higher. The second black swan could happen but inverted the Jan. 2015 sequence.
XAU impulse down in this simulation.
Comment: Now we're expecting a new swing higher XAUUSD hold your longs, guys.
Comment: Commodity currency OZ and XAUEUR XAUUSD could help us to see the market.
Comment: This's not a buying signal, ok? Just an analysis.
Comment: I have to say the Euro funding currency could be failed from lack of the circulation because of negative interests is a tightening money policy. A capital consumption which is against our human nature.
Comment: This is not a trading signal ok? If traders trade this, it could blow your account many times and the risks is huge.
For this simulation we should have some cards to play at very specific sequence, one by one, one card at a time. We have cards here:
FRB stop hikes , ECB canceling negative interests , FRB cut sheet, USA infrastructure rebuilding plan ( same money from Obama's care repealing), USA TAX cut , USA QE , China market rising again, YEN action ...
In condition USDCNY is pegging, the FRB and the ECB should have those cards played out in a right way. The forex market wave is huge but the core inflation is our key.
Comment: This is NOT a signal for analysis only.
Comment: Please do NOT short XAU and XAG traders! We have some very high risky events ahead! We have a monthly close above the very long term moving average the 10 months SMA in the MAY!
Comment: OMG... told ya...
Comment: We have an new perspective from long term monthly capital flow time lagging correlations. This's for an analyst using not a signal.
Comment: After reviewing above chart, one thing has more possibility, the YEN will be weakening. The funding currency is Euro or US dollar is not very clear because if Euro aims to the inflation then the US dollar is the funding currency in a short term period, just like now. After the 2nd. Feb. 2015, the Euro is a funding also a measuring currency. I'll publish a German 2 years bonds chart for proving it's important currency position.
Comment: If this time lagging capital flow is incoming then we may see the power of the negative interests... Some strange market correlations is awaiting.
Scalpers and speculators should avoid trading correlations, because they're changing.
Comment: Looks like 10 months SMA 1242 retest. Next week Brexit talk begins. Sterling may rise massively, GU 10% move, GJ 15% move.
Comment: The market SSI is showing us now, 58% short lots Vs. 42% long lots, 60% short positions Vs. 40% long positions. I really suggest scalpers using this sentiments before put any small time frame orders. From my point of view, no matter what kind of technic you're using if you just only use the sentiments for your small time frame trades, the odd is much bigger than 50% which will make you 1:2 RR management strategy profitable for a sustainable growth.
Please keep humble in the market. I've seen many losers but few winners, in 2008 dropping and in 2015 CHF black swan. There's even no stop loss can be provided from banks in 2015 and many brokers failed.
Comment: The market should move soon in several weeks, we may see the big fall in negative condition.

This prediction is working now.
The huge inflation failure which is caused by 2014 ECB intervention and 2014 BOJ intervention has begun already in June 2017. A time lagging capital flow is incoming, AKA a purchase power failure. With the DXY consolidation in July the huge inflation failure is showed like a small crisis. Yes, I'm blaming those central banks.
For stopping this huge fall of inflation the ECB should keep the negative interests at -1% level and let the selling dropping becomes selling rising. But they never care about it right? The inflation is a central banks enemy and the stock market is a political asset for them.
They shouldn't have used the negative thing, now the situation is becoming very complicated. They may not realize that the negative interests is inverting the supply and the demand by mathematic equation, but who cares?
Comment: More failure is incoming guys, the wave is so huge on the shown chart. When the price drops below the US dollar hike level then the FRB will stop the hike.
Central banks have cheated the market for several years now they're facing the truth, consequently.
Comment: A huge dropping just happened in Silver market, g/s ratio jumped up and recovered. Looks like a collection finished. The same g/s ratio acted like this was in Dec. 2014, after I checked up the chart there's CHF black swan happened.
I add up 1 month and look for central banks decisions in Agu. Oz, Sterling, Kiwi, are on also the PBOC shall move in Agu.
I warn you guys here, there's something like a new black swan in the Aug. 2017. It may look like a currency interests hike, or some hikes. Be careful guys.
Comment: Today the BOJ announces an unlimited purchasing of Japan Government 10Y Bonds for keeping its yield at 0.11% level. BOJ also is expanding 5-10Y Bonds purchasing from 450B Yen to 500B Yen. Those actions is supporting the prediction of BOJ intervention in summer. Yes they're doing it again.
This news is good for indexes especially for A shares but bad for metals. BOJ intervention explains why the silver is crashing today. We're watching how the gold may move.
Comment: From TNX observing, the XAUUSD should go lower because of the inflation failure, it depends on how low the US dollar want to go and the how fast the speed of going down. If the US dollar bounces off then the XAUUSD drops hard without the supporting of weak dollar. The XAUUSD is a US dollar measured commodity, other traders may have better chance in their own currency metal from commercial currency hikes.
Comment: This is not a signal service, the simulation doesn't have a correlation with the DXY may rise. In fact, if the US dollar pegging with the inflation from March 2017, it's very bearish because of the inflation is crashing now. Below chart was made on the 9th. July.
Comment: The DXY shall fall hard to protect it from failure, consequently, this failure is caused by central banks money policies in 2011-2016's cycle. Now this may range for 2 years it's too soon to see a descending or a ascending channel.
I've seen 2 top analysts (they're not on TV, BTW) are publishing an huge bear of the gold market. It's true in some commercial currencies, but not in the USA.
I would like to publish a new analysis about the gold, some currencies, I'm trying to predict the forex rates with gold inflations. Now the inflation is "very carefully watched" by Grandma Yellen.
Comment: The future is clear soon.
Comment: There're too many short signals on TV which are forming the speculators sentiments.
The speculators sentiments flipped into net short positions holding on some brokers websites, I've never seen this net short in 2017.
Technically, we have a triangle now and it's hedging time soon.
Please do NOT short this in a condition of geopolitic conflicts. We usually have both US dollar, the YEN, the XAU, rising together to hurt indexes...
Comment: Inevitably... how's your odd by shorting this? I hope you guys are at the right side of the market, desperately.
Comment: Wait for the weekly close for a confirmation. No need to rush, as slowly as it's going , scalpers would like piling to short this on the way. The CCI and the EW wave are suggested, targets are calculated but can't be showed here. GL guys...
Comment: We have broken the very long term trend line in weekly close, technically we have to wait for the monthly close but it will be flat. I'm looking for a small range of flat in several months to wait for A shares topping cycle. This A shares cycle may last as long as it can go as high as it may rise, an historical high of A shares.
Comment: Source: ( just for technically analysis not for an advertising and not a signal)
It's very interesting to watch the SPDR gold ETF Fund buying it into price drop. We have had many days of SPDR gold ETF Fund are selling it from July to August for forming the price going up. An strange negative interests market is clearly shown up in front of my observation.
For an answer of many famous analysts and many professional traders, they're arguing the trend now, this will be a small range flat. Big funds are buying it down in the negative interests condition and speculators are selling it up for forming net-short positions holding, these two participants are canceling each other to balance the market.
But the line was breached after all. Even if it's a flat, the line is still keeping crossed from long term perspective. This's wait for the A shares topping cycle. The SPX500 and the DAX30 is going higher too with all risks open fire until the huge crisis in 2 years.
Comment: This's why we don't suggest shorting it before it happens as a long term view.
Source: There're two earthquakes detected in this morning.
China environment agency has started radiation detection in north China and we may see a gap open on Monday morning.
Comment: A gap! 1334 open today!
Comment: The market sentiments are heavily net short holdings, with the SPDR ETF flat for a month, speculators are shorting it to rise.
Comment: XAUEUR, XAGEUR, XAUUSD, XAUAUD are showing heavily net short holdings. XAGUSD is turning into net short now...
Comment: There's a 4 times net short holding compares the longs... not reach extreme, yet.
Comment: We're going to a wider range soon.
Comment: Grandma Yellen said "the inflation is a mystery". But for me it's very clear that the negative interests of Euro is the key. Big capital buys it to drop which is forming a capital black hole where we can't measure the price.
The SPDR gold EFT is buying it from September for forming a drop, data by FXCM:
09/22 ETF-SPDR Gold Trust 852.24+6.21Ton than last report
09/21 ETF-SPDR Gold Trust 846.03Ton
09/20 ETF-SPDR Gold Trust 846.03+2.07Ton than last report
09/19 ETF-SPDR Gold Trust 843.96+5.32Ton than last report
09/15 ETF-SPDR Gold Trust 838.64Ton
09/14 ETF-SPDR Gold Trust 838.64Ton
09/13 ETF-SPDR Gold Trust 838.64+2.96Ton than last report
09/12 ETF-SPDR Gold Trust 835.68+1.17Ton than last report
The good side is speculative sentiments are still net short but slightly. Grandma will talk about it again on 27. Sep let's see the market there... Only if the ECB cancels negative will lead to big capital buys it to rise, but at that moment they may sell it to drop. It's not a mystery, it's a twist market.
Comment: With BOJ's helping, it may retest the 10 month SMA and the triangle E point where is at 1250. The speculator sentiments is 50% but the gold SPDR ETF is buying it to drop. A typical negative interests behavior.
09/27 ETF-SPDR Gold Trust 862.58+6.5Ton than last report.
Comment: The 10 months SMA is at 1262 after September's close. The sentiments is 50%. It'll be very surprising if the October's close below the SMA. The ETF-SPDR Gold Trust buy looks like has been paused.
Comment: Good news here, the ETF-SPDR gold Trust is starting selling it to rise in a condition where the negative interests keeping on in German 2 years Bonds yield.
This is saying that if an huge capital like ETF buys it with Euro dollar, the price shall fall, this's causing the core inflation failure and USA sharing the same inflation with Euro zone. The negative interests is experimental area where is uncharted before.
It's not a mystery, it's sick, the capital is kept on being suck into the black hole.
The EW wave theory doesn't work in this condition. It's unnature.
Comment: I don't suggest cancelling negative for now because if we look at the time lagging capital flow on chart published on 5th. July, the huge selling is still there. The negative thing should be kept until the sell is confirmed...
Comment: 10/06 ETF-SPDR Gold Trust 851.06Ton-3.24Ton than last report
10/05 ETF-SPDR Gold Trust 854.30Ton
10/04 ETF-SPDR Gold Trust 854.30Ton-5.03Ton than last report
Comment: Bullish, with the SPX500 and DAX30, and the Yen too.
Comment: 10/27 ETF-SPDR Gold Trust 851.95Ton -1.18Ton than last report
From 10/6 to 10/25 +0.89Ton has little change in the market.
The September huge buying has formed a gold candle top, the October buying and selling has been balanced. This sell out -1.18 Ton should have supported the gold price in a negative way, with ECB’s soft. We’re just sitting on the 10 months SMA. Please remember Draghi said that the V shape inflation. The forex market could be very volatile while the USDCNY is pegging.
The DXY may have huge swings but the inflation is higher.
Comment: Patience is a key to your trading success.
Comment: We’ve seen Tons of selling from the ETF-SPDR Gold Trust today, and the Silver too...
Comment: Still expecting a little squeezing during the hike, this hike should be like the first one in 2015, which was causing double squeezing in stocks and commodities. Market may correct to the Feb. 2018.
Comment: The stocks are squeezing now but be careful here, we may have a double squeezing into currencies firstly. This may drop in several months. We'll see the China stock market rising cycle can last how long from here and in 2018.
Comment: We may have more squeezing from this one but limited. We'd like to buy it after the hike squeezing is over. What if they pause the hike in 2018? after Renminbi's hike?
Comment: almost done but have to wait, seeing many scalpers panic today but not us.
Comment: This is not a signal. I have 2 question about the cycle and the triangle theory when you guys are panic here.
Comment: Many analysis have taken this yellow triangle is a validated one but not for my point of view. Triangle must be clear and rules by RSI.
Comment: This is NOT a signal service.
Still a little squeezing, US dollar QE should’ve begun. We suggest investors holding cash after the 200$ dollar dropping is done. Now the Silver is a better one.
Comment: Monthly chart is showing some lowers...
Comment: Shall go with US dollar during 4 months or 5 months, until stocks squeezing raises US dollar rapidly. ( There'll be a last lowest low. )

In the Nature we trust. Victor.Y.Y
We're using nature numbers in a row, 1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55, well. We're showing you guys incredible patterns where you've never seen before.
After this Christmas, we should've closed this year above 55,34, and 10 months SMA. On this chart, only 2008 QE has closed below 34 months SMA. We have had 4 years bear market already. With 2 years fighting, Brexit and Trump revolution, the SMA now has some potential where will be alined in a sequence from 10,34 and 55.
Case closure.
May god bless us and good luck...
Comment: We don't like to long XAUUSD now but preferring to wait for a squeezing is over. The last low will be formed in several months.
Comment: Happy New Year 2018!
Comment: This is NOT a trading signal!
We're gonna short this pair against 1309.86 this week.
Comment: To be clear, we are NOT trading signals!
The chart way is NOT our trading way!
Scalpers should stick with your own way!
We suggest you to trade small TF harmonic patterns with the trend. We also suggest you to trade hourly EMA after the mid term trend is identified on daily or weekly chart, after contact your analyst.
Comment: The first try on 1318 has been stopped by BE. We’re looking for a next try.
Comment: We've closed this publishing, an one will be released soon...
Stay tuned...
Comment: Please focus on silver, miners shares but avoiding gold. Be careful guys, we may have gold and silver divergence here with EURAUD crossed 1.5800 level. Something like 1990s maybe happening.
We’ve seen Tons of selling from the ETF-SPDR Gold Trust today, and the Silver too...
that's great, my pending sell order was effected, just added positions on rally.
@faylee, target 1400 higher... no guarantee here...
Harmonic patterns are building. On this.
Victor.Y.F PRO Victor.Y.F
There're 2 positions, 1 position take profits now and 1 position free riding with stop break even.
Victor.Y.F PRO Victor.Y.F
Now. it's becoming 1-2-3 traders favorites and an head shoulder PO target 1216 should be reached as Batman pattern ATL 1.128.
Victor.Y.F PRO Victor.Y.F
Harmonic patterns are beautiful things, aren't they?

Victor.Y.F PRO Victor.Y.F
Reenter here, 2 positions.
Victor.Y.F PRO Victor.Y.F
There's a serious fighting in 1206, 1 positon take profits, 1 positon free riding.
Victor.Y.F PRO Victor.Y.F
Trend-line broken, riding higher. Pitchfork reflection target 1216.66.
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