BTC Trade-range and targets

BITMEX:XBT   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar Index
Long-term view.
Comment: Valid only if we brake out of downtrend channel.
Comment: Can Brake Out or fail this week. Decision Time.
Comment: Wooohoo! broke the bear trend. Lowest we can get now is 3450. Very High possibility to breake out of flat range till end of the year.
Comment: First Target Reached. Need "mother of all pompes" to move price to second target before September. Most Possible avarage year range now - 4200-5700.
Comment: Moving Nicely! I think we'll have one more retracement to 4200-4400 zone ending around Jul-Aug. For now just watching the show. Risk Traders can look for shorts at 5600-5800.
Comment: Second Target Complete. Vol. still good. Now watch altcoin market. Strong one will explode soon.
Comment: Third Target Complete. Two more targets til end of the year. One or two flash crashes also expected. Dominance at critical levels. Watch Privacy Coins like GRIN BEAM XMR - they got what BTC can't offer.
Comment: Need a quick breakeout above 11800 and then 13800 before december19 to remain bullish through 2020.