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Comment: should've included this harmonic for the potential other direction in filling the grand wedge's apex
could you update this with the august wedge ?
OMG! heck no crash PLS??! :D
Some explaination would be cool man. I like your charts but need to explain a bit. Thanks.
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@sykes, lol, true. sorry haven't been feeling as spiffy as usual. figured the trend lines and target zones explain it for the most part.
7/14 - moon enters cancer - steady and bullish typically
7/16 - Moon enters Leo and this is typically bearish. Idk, we shall see.
7/17 - Sun enters Cancer. curious to see how this plays out bc with Cancer ruled by the moon the Sun would be insulting. I'm going w bearish. idk if it'll play out like this but we shall see.

7/26 - Mercury goes retrograde. Careful
7/27-28th total lunar eclipse. Careful

There's also various geometries (aspects) the planets form. I'm feeling overall bearish. 2017 was a very unique year.
For August 2018 though, I'm interested in Aug 6th (Sun enters Leo for Tropical/western zodiac), 8th (Gann fan cross/apex), 11th (partial solar eclipse) and 17th (Sun enters Leo sidereal/Vedic zodiac)

Now there are overarching bearish aspects for the general year. ...But October.... October 12th the Moon enters Scorpio and Jupiter enters Scorpio. again, idk what will happen... but this is EXTREMELY BULLISH
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sykes TreeTruffle
@TreeTruffle, Cheers! If the SPX/$ goes down this will go up. So matter of time.