CALL FOR PUBLIC ACTION : Kraken XBT/EUR 13% drop on 11/29

KRAKEN:BTCEUR   Bitcoin / Euro
This is the form you guyz can sign up to :

If you also want to help them by sharing some contacts of a specialized attorney or any person who may help in this situation. Feel free to sign up as well and leave a message in the comment field.

Thank you guyz for your support to my user. He really needs your help and I thank for this.
Comment: I'll state this once again : Kraken is almost certainly not responsible, the goal here is not to call for a scam orchestrated by the exchange, but more to raise suspicion of a predator speculative action, in a depth I've never seen before. And that facing the amount of BTC targeted, users concerned should join to build a legal request to open the books. At best, Kraken will just have to release informations about the account holder responsible for the speculative action to the prosecutors. And even that is very hard to say at that point. Only a specialized attorney will be able to say what is going to be possible or not. Please don't misunderstand the goal here... It has never been about Kraken, they're not responsible for the actions of their clients obviously. So please don't post negative comments about Kraken, whoever does that is just totally out of context here. Once again, the only goal pursued here is to help users to gather if they want to ask for legal action to investigate further.

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