BITMEX:XBTUSD   Bitcoin / US Dollar Perpetual Inverse Swap Contract
My original target still remain the same but its time to start getting bullish for the next move up and i expect BTC to push to $9500-$10000 then fall and as i said it before we will see $3000-$4500 by September this year. so here is you last chance for longing . wish everyone happy trading .
Comment: Today it reached my first target area for longing and i do expect it to test this bottom and we should see a bullish tweezer for this bottom and remember that you should be able to see it on either 4 hr or daily timing chart.

Comment: For quick move keep this in mind... happy trading
Comment: hopeful you made money on the last move down and then back in to our box. Now this is important so you have to watch it carefully because i believe we have a pump coming very soon which push us above 7600. once again happy trading
Comment: quick update on quick moves.. hopefully you followed the boxes and made extra 1.29% gain in your portfolio ;). Now to the next box this is very important so you will have to watch it every hour and this box is a 17hr move so site back and enjoy the show. Have fun & Happy Trading.
Comment: congrats on that last call and hope you all made money next update will be in 15 minutes..
Comment: Currently BTC price is at 7641 and i expect this price to drop to between 7550-7580 and then start a new move up but remember we are still in the box which have 7hrs remaining and after that next box will have about 11hrs so enjoy this move and hope everyone makes money. once again congrats one last successful trade. happy trading
Comment: this hour is very important so keep a close eye on this also we are now closing our 17hr move up and should see a Little move down in hour next box which is a 11hr box. happy trading
Comment: time for next update. firstly congrats on another successful trade and get ready for the next leg up but do remember to do a safe trade in this zone as each leg up is going to have one major candle stick and rest will be side ways so it will not be a bad idea to take profit on the top end of the box so that's it for now and will keep you update on the next move. till then happy trading.
Comment: Once again we killed it. Congrats to everyone who did exactly that now you can relax for next 5-6 hours and look for another better entry i am think more like 7650-7675 area will be a great entry. so till then enjoy your time with family and friend and i will keep you update. once again congrats on becoming little more richer ;)
Comment: So far we are looking great and we still have few more hours to go before we exit this box and enter our next box but everything looks good for our next leg up also i did noticed i posted a two hour chart update rather then one hour chart so here is the current look. so i will keep you all posted but till then lets have fun and get ready for the next leg up soon
Comment: time for new update as our box is coming to its end in about 2 hour. firstly i did hit my target for 7650-7675 area to restart my long and now i am just wait for that pump which i expect should take place in next few hours. also this move can be very explosive so you will have to watch it very carefully and secondly i an made few adjustment to what i think it would really do as well but anyways i am updating that so you all know so till next time enjoy the side way movement and if you are not long then get long with a tight stop lost. happy trading
Comment: Time for a new update: after looking back at my call for push up from 7690 area i underestimated the pull back due to 2 days up trend but now i have update this move so we should start seeing soon. so for that all i have & attaching the next moves in this. so till next time happy trading