Cypher Pattern - Good example #1

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Cypher patterns supposedly have 80% completion ratio. This one worked flawlessly

X - recent bottom
A - recent top
B - must touch 0.382 fib retracement and close BEFORE 0.618 of X-A. We have 0.463 - GOOD
C - must touch 1.272 fib extension and close BEFORE 1.414 of X-A. We have 1.265 - SORT OF. If you are really pedantic with it, you may choose to ignore this one. In my book, it counts.
D - nosedive required after C. Buy Entry - 0.786 retracement of X-C

The price bounced exactly on the 0.768 retracement level and easily hit the first target, which is 0.382 fib extension. It BARELY missed the 0.618 level depending on how pedantic you are with the charting tools. In fact it hit it but much later.
Comment: In fact the 0.618 target is hit because the FIB retracement should be drawn from the bottom (not point D). In this case, the wick extends a bit below point D

Overall, VERY successful trade, hindsight is always successful :D