Btc failed, and the callback was difficult.

BITMEX:XBTUSD   Bitcoin / US Dollar Perpetual Inverse Swap Contract

Looking at the big direction on the daily line:

The first 2 days are the follow-up of demand, but yesterday's high has no previous high, indicating that the top supply is still strong.
Although it broke the high point today, it is now forming a negative Yinxian.
Judging from the time period of Fibonacci, the two days after tomorrow are the nodes of the change.

If the situation of reverse phagocytosis indicates that the supply is large,
the disk will be squat down and the probability will continue to fall.
Conversely, if tomorrow's first take-off line is above 50% of the previous k, or if it rises,
it is likely to continue to top (4040-4100) or even 4400.

Look at the callback at the hourly line level:

After the rise, the callback has increased supply, and has stepped on the bottom of about 3860,
and there is a rise now. A clear bottom spring shape can be seen at the 2-hour line level.
In 1 hour, the previous negative line was seen and there was no significant drop,
indicating that the supply was depleted and then began to rise.
The hour level should be a lot of market. The top first sees 4000.
Then focus on the amount of change in the top position.

Operation suggestion:
The best position of this wave is to get on the 3865-3880 position, take the benefits of a wave of more than one single;
if you don't open more at this time, don't chase more, you can try to hang more orders in 3880, and the profit is partly in 3990 nearby.
The top can be opened at a position near 4040. If there is a subsequent increase in the 3865 position, you can go short.

Trading points provide:

BM price point: 4040, 3990, 3880, 3650

(Source of analysis: Analyst Tim)

Warning: Analysis is for reference only, investment should be cautious. Please do a good stop loss!