Bitcoin - history tells us something important

KRAKEN:XBTUSD   Bitcoin / U. S. Dollar
Its not the first time that BTC has fallen sharply in no time, pain is slightly more vocal as more people jumped in at a very high rate due to unnecessary media hype and some high level manipulation. But its natural, matter of fact is that majority makes losses in any asset class, that portion of majority is even higher in cryptos.

So, BTC has fallen off the grace once again, losing almost 50% in value. But is this the first instance of it losing value so sharp and so fast? answer is ABSOLUTELY NO!! and this isnt the last time either. Lack of valuation model, lots of news and no central authority to control price, the prices are bound to move sharply on either side.

The chart we have posted isn't a prediction or a call, its just a shout out towards our long term believe in BTC . We have been accumulating it and are even ready for further dip. But road ahead is still bullish for us and we want you all to accompany us :)