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TD9 on the 3h counting down. ~2.5hr left. looks like a juicy SHORT.
ETH 30m TD9 just happened and is confirming candle, so could take another 2h to confirm, meanwhile the 1h and 4h candle are counting up to TD9 as well.

This one looks to be lining up better between btc /eth on td9 counts. Could be a nice dump to retest support at the least.

I am still expecting 9200-9300 CME gap fill if not more than that though so take these shorts while monitoring them closely, and I'd suggest closing them as soon as you get a 1h reversal candle on the way down. (Or even a 30m reversal candle to keep it tighter and safer).

We still are in bearish trend though, so its safer to short than long.

OBV is well under MA200 on 1h and up.
Comment: oh, yeah, my trade isnt updated on the chart.
im entering something like 91xx or even high 89xx
dont think its going to be pumping right now, heading into overnight US time.
only 4am UTC almost so also another 5hr until london opens. this will either be a 5-6h drop bounce, but it could be a bigger dump too you never know.
keep your shorts on!
Comment: the TD9 3h might be invalidated.
theres 1.5hr left on the candle and it must close above 8895 to be valid

after it closes, we watch the next candle for confirmation of whether it continues to overshoot, or reverses.
we enter only when it confirms reversal.
overshoot candles can count up to 13 (and if they do, are INCREDIBLY strong signals). so that means up to 4 more candles after a TD9 close (on a 3h that means we're looking at 12h maximum before confirmation)

with up to 12h confirmation, this could be able to pump up to 9400 to close more of the cme gap after market opens in both EU and US.

this is one probable scenario.
it could also confirm in the next 3h and just go down.....but i like the previous scenario better (MUCH juicier short!)
Comment: 6 minutes left and bitcoin is LITERALLY ping-ponging between validating, and invalidating - the 3h TD9!!!
this is crazy. how can it be so precise???

will post update in ~6m if it validates.
then we watch for confirmation candle to short.

in the meantime here is TD9 on the daily ceiling level which is a short entry perfect level as it will probably not break above this level if it prints a 3h TD9

Comment: hahaha
this td9 was literally on a hairpin

i checked all top 8 exchanges, and ONLY ONE of them invalidated it by just a few $$$

Comment: now, binance is the largest exchange....
im going to definitely wait for confirmation.
for me that means:
1) 30m, 1h, 2h, 3h, or 4h closing a TD9 as well while we are still in this range.
2) the next 3h candle being red (i think i might even be happy with a 1h or 2h candle)

a 3h TD9 close is usually significant, as a fairly larger move happens. you can check the chart and see previous 3h td9 closes and what happened from them.

entry 8920-8970
SL above 9100
Comment: i moved my entry up

we have continuation on the 3h TD9 and it could line up great with 4h TD9 and lower TF TD9's for a much bigger dump.

here is 4h TD9 progress.
if this validates, it would be a 3rd candle continuation td9 on 3h
that would be incredibly good short, if we get td9 on 3h, 4h, and lower TFs.

Comment: We are about to have a 4h TD9 candle, and we just got 2h count-down on 3h TD9 candle continuation sell signal, and we are lining up right with:

1) longterm trendline (red dashed line)
2) ichi-cloud resist on 4h
3) 4h TD9 sell signal last week that still holds ceiling of trading range
4) not to mention horizontal supports at 9200-9400

should this 4h td9 candle print and 3h td9 candle confirm sell, it will also print a 1h td9 sell signal
1h, 3h continuation confirm, and 4h TD9 sell candles all at once.
plus rejection from trendline and ichi resistance.
this would be a major sell signal!

breaking above 9485 would try to invalidate this and/or continue uptrend, but the volume just isnt there and i dont think it can.
ill be watching!

my entries are all from low 92xx up to high 93xx with SL high 94xx


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