Trend King Strategy Results - 2019 Only - 4HR - All Modes On

BITMEX:XBTUSD   Bitcoin / US Dollar Perpetual Inverse Swap Contract
By request, the results for the Trend King Strategy back-test, 2019 only.
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I cant really see anything here, the signals are so bunched up i cant differentiate between them
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capriole_charles KrisHollywood
@KrisHollywood, you can zoom in (drag the X-axis bar) to see the detail of each trade.
Bithodler KrisHollywood
@KrisHollywood, Click on plus sign (+) at the bottom of the chart and zoom in...
Hi, how could I get the Script, not the code? I can not see it on Tradingview.
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@Jrpin, PM me for details
We need strategy version of your indicator to calculate and find the best settings for our self.
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capriole_charles robertocrypto
@robertocrypto, the strategy script is not public to protect the source code. Capriole's website has a variety of different backtest simulation results for you to view. If you also require a specific back-test run, please PM me.
quemilanga capriole_charles
@capriole_charles, so its not public? i cant get it?