possible retest / re-trace

NASDAQ:XELA   Exela Technologies, Inc
did a bit of scalping in here this morning; I think it re-tests $5.44 perhaps, but the RSI tells me it's pretty spent in the pre market, anyone not looking at the oscillators could be a bag holder through the day. Still bullish here, but be careful, she corrects 20-30% per drawdown and that's where I'll buy back in. There appears* to be a big group just hodling this on the social platforms, but the chart says otherwise. It's more so traded excessively, IMO because there' no options available in the underlying. As a result, risk exposure & assessing that each day is certainly illustrated on the tape....
Comment: uh, yep. bag holders above $4.25, it'll probably get choppy and consolidate here, might rip back up, need the RSI to punch under 18 for me to get back in. Stock twit pumpers are really baiting rookies in at these levels - on a company that's hemorrhaging money; some of the post are really comical; bashing the AMC pumpers, dog-eat-dog world when it comes to meme trash pumping.

Otherwise the volume is here. Following the money until it moves elsewhere....
Comment: nearing a couple support levels of interest to buy back in....


Good Call today.
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