NEM-XEM/USD 2666000% Trend Figures Psychology of a hamster 2-666

In this training / trading idea, I showed the whole history of the price chart of this scam coin of high capitalization.
Pay attention to the increase in prices by 2666000% (26660 hamster X) for 2 years from January 18 (6 + 6 + 6) ( 01 ) 2016 to January 1 ( 01 ) 2018.
What strange figures are 2 years of an uptrend and an increase of 2-666-000%. Is it really a coincidence?)))) I think who truly understands what the number 666 means, and not through the religious prism of brainwashing, then everyone understands that there is no coincidence here.

Please note how, according to all the rules of technical analysis , all the patterns on the price chart worked out:

Lateral movement.
1) accumulation channel. (a breakthrough of resistance and the beginning of an uptrend).

Uptrend. +2666000%
2) ascendant pennant . (formation of the pennant web and pulse development to the height of the flagpole).
3) an ascending triangle . ( bullish pattern , working off to the height of the triangle).

Downtrend. -98%
4) a downward wedge . (formed).

Entrance to the market.
Entrance on a breakthrough or pullback after a breakthrough of the resistance line of the downward wedge . Fixing the price above the downtrend main trend will mean a trend reversal and luring a new batch of “hamsters”.

Formerly hamsters who believed that they would become very rich in the near future, as a rule, after a while they sold at very low prices or so, when their faith to become a milleon was beaten heartbroken and disappointed.

A descending wedge is drawn very beautifully. The instrument is merged by -98% from the high. Super profits for a real trader and a skating rink for a believing hamster. Perhaps "soon" will be a trend reversal.

As you can see, the older the time frame, the more clearly the patterns are worked out and it is easier to predict the price movement.
Large timeframes are well suited for positional trading.

But it is very important that a crypto project, even if a scam, were people with big money who are interested in continuing to imitate the development of the project.

For example, how is this cryptocurrency NEM (XEM). It is very important that you can work not only long, but also short on margin trading. This allows you to earn on the downtrend of the coin.

 But, nevertheless, in such coins you always need to withdraw a large part of the profit, and to continue to work with a complex percentage to get a new potential profit.

At one time, I had a rather significant loss of money when a tool like NEM suddenly evaporated. I traded coin for about 8 months. Several times increased profit from the original amount. With each profit, a part brought profit from the market. But at one point, the project "closed", tokens were removed from the exchange, trading stopped. As a result, the loss of a full position did not mean a loss, but a loss from profit, as I always deduced part of the profit. But if all this time I only accumulated coins (increased the amount), all profits would have turned to zero. And most importantly, it would be a pity for the lost time to trade this coin. Time has no price, it is priceless.

Therefore, always remember no matter what the true legend and imitation of the development of the project, you can never predict with 100% probability what those or other people who created the project will do.

On this coin NEM (XEM). They launch the Catapult technology on their blockchain for believing fools from 2017 before each secondary uptrend or during the downtrend to stop sales and give believers another sip of the sweet lie of hope.

Since 2017, they announced the launch of the catapult 6 times, they did not even change the legend. Why? The hamster is not a mammoth, it will not die out. In addition, hamsters have a complete loss of memory about events 1-2 years old.

This "technological coin" from
the maximum price fell -98%! Believers in becoming a millionaire in a year are likely to experience wild horror and misunderstanding! In the end, they were secretly told on the Internet that they needed to “manage to buy” this coin, otherwise the chance to become a millionaire in 1-2 years would be missed.

A person going to work from day to day from 8: 00-17: 00 with hard / not hard work, gets a salary, debugs money. For example, during the year he saved up $ 1,000 for investments. And then he heard “in confidence” that you can simply buy a certain coin and become a millionaire in 1-2 years. He was delighted because he believed that he would become very rich! He will no longer need to go to work every day!

And now, after 2 years, he discovers that with his invested amount of $ 1,000 in a promising technological coin for a comfortable life, only $ 20 is left !!! Everything acquired and delayed by hard work has simply depreciated! Indeed, for 2 years from 1000 to receive minus 98% of the investment is something. From $ 1,000, only $ 20 is left. But the investor proudly calls himself a "holder"!

The future millionaire is in shock. How did this happen? In the end, very clever experts from YouTube and telegrams showed him a price increase of 2,666,000% and said that the price would go up forever! Even if the investor - “holder” bought earlier, he does not sell at all! After all, he needs even more! After all, only stupid traders sell, holders always hold on to the end!

This hamster in the bull market had an opinion about himself that he was also an expert and professional. He considered himself very smart and experienced, smarter than other newly arrived hamsters for slaughter. The trend has changed, and the "smart investor" has become a deceived fool.

A stream of hamsters in cycles.
Some "die" - others are "born."
The hamster is not a mammoth, he will not die out.

I think the training article below will be very useful for those who "got into one of the thousands of promising crypto scam projects" and understand the complexity of the situation.

We make losing trades profitable. Martingale + Position Trading.

For true “lazy hamsters” those who like to buy everything indiscriminately at the market are forbidden to use martingale. This method in such hands still fast will lead to a drain of the deposit. Read the work of this trading method in the description.

Those people who are sure that success in trading depends on only one successful purchase and after a while to sell it many times more expensive is doomed to annul its deposit. This is what most think. So this is an erroneous opinion. Thanks to this belief of the majority, the minority earns.
Trade closed: target reached: + 100%. An uptrend is developing. Trading according to the trend.
Trade closed: target reached: + 223% Second target area reached
Comment: NEM / XEM / USD ( The idea of training / working on the example of this coin of the 3rd group of "the first to be there". The ascending pennant is working out + 205% at the moment. More than + 750% from the initial entry point. The trend is quite strong and is developing according to plan.
Comment: The idea of training / working on the example of this coin of the 3rd group of "the first to be there". The ascending pennant is working out + 205% at the moment. More than + 750% from the initial entry point. The trend is quite strong and is developing according to plan. # Profit #NEM (#XEM)
Comment: Strong uptrend. Since last update + 100%
From the first entry point when the wedge is broken more than + 1600%
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come on... lets break the resistance!
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@SpartaBTC, oldie, but goldie ... ...hodl since 2018
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@dreggsagg, ))))
Beautiful candle 4h (clouse to day 19:11:20) stop 666 sat. After big news Xem/btc dump.

Beautiful gap btc.d daily candle clouse 66.6% in 18:11:20
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@playroman, ))) This is symbolism. This is how the world works. Who imitates the world with money.
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@SpartaBTC, and symbol date news 18.
it's strange to see how numbers talk, and it's even harder to understand the truth.

there is only a premonition
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@playroman, And how do you read this?
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@averkieskila, that everything is going according to plan, symbolism and sixes whisper to me about it.

What do you think about this?
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@playroman, I think that BTC dominance should be rapid down so that by 14 January XEM will be especially expensive before snapshot. Have you read today's news at the NEM Forum?
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