ASX 200 @ 1 Dec 2021

ASX:XJO   S&P/ASX 200 Index
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In the last Market Watch analysis done on 2 November (red dash line), I wrote that I would avoid the big caps (eg. Blue Chips, ASX 200 constituents) while being more selective with my purchases. Since then, the ASX 200 tested and failed to break the 7450 resistance and is now falling towards the strong support zone near 7200 levels (orange line).

The ASX 200 previously rebounded from this support zone and another rebound would be good. The index is also testing the long-term average. Judging by its historical performance, I can’t say that the long-term average is a very strong support.

Since 1 Dec 2017 (blue dash line), the ASX 200 has only rebounded of the long-term support 2 times (blue arrows). The red arrows were when the index was rejected by the long-term average. This does show that the index does at least respond to long-term average – albeit not often as a support.

The red thumbs downs were periods when the index just fell through the long-term support. My huge concern is whether the ASX 200 will fall below the 7200-support zone. If it breaks this support, the overall market will likely be in a world of pain for at least a few weeks.

The US market hasn’t really shown convincing signs of a strong rebound. If a strong retracement takes place over the coming days in the US, I have a strong feeling that the ASX 200 will fall off the support that it is sitting on. Our best-case scenario is that the US creates a new all-time high in the next couple of weeks and the ASX 200 will take the hint and slowly rebound again.

With the integrity of our politicians being called into question and the federal election happening in less than 6 months, the markets will continue to be in state of flux. Rising inflation and potential Omicron scares will continue to disrupt the economic recovery.

In last Saturday’s FB livestream, I explained around the 17-minute mark how the US and Australia markets’ movements is signalling that there is a lack of confidence in the ASX market. Personally, I have reduced my trading portfolio from 6-8 stocks down to 3 stocks. I’m increasingly being more selective in my purchases as sometimes, doing nothing in the market is a form of capital preservation.

How about you? Are you optimistic or pessimistic on the ASX market over the coming 6 months? Are you aggressively buying now or waiting for stronger rebounds or retracements?

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