XLM/BTC Lumen Strong potential Bullish flag

BITTREX:XLMBTC   Lumen / Bitcoin
XLM is one of the only coins that hasn't gone up in a long time.
It has a lot of potential but got knocked back down in the last attempt. (As I expected in my previous 30min prediction a few days ago.)

Lumen isn't hyped yet, but certainly not a forgotten coin, which indicates that it still has some potential and followers.
When it reaches the "take off zone" People will realise this and start buying. they will see the last time it went up (50% up, made some 40% profit there).
They will pump it up to 60% or even 80%.

It might be a good bet to sell when it reaches 60% but I think 80% is really possible.
I usually try to play it safe and lock in profit a bit sooner.
This doesn't allow me to make extreme crypto profit's, but it also prevents me from making a big loss.
The choice is up to you, I will follow the exchange every minute when it moons to max my profits.
Switch to USD rather than SATs since the dollar is fixed and BTC is not
@el_crypt0, as this is a short (5 days max) Prediction, the value will not change that much.
Also I prefer using Sats as I always trade in Altcoin/BTC like most people do.
On long term I will always mention the Value's in dollar aswell, because there BTC is indeed certainly not fixed.
If you want a value, I'd say atleast 40 cents, but I'd expect a top at around 45-50 (maybe even 55) cents?
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