XLMUSD UPDATE - Wave 2 Still Progress - Looking Clearer Now...

In this video I explain the process of elimination that is required in order to filter out incorrectly identified waves.

If it's not one thing it's another because there can only every be one true count.

In the process of finding the true count you start to see a clearer picture as more of the waves occur.

Patience is an important factor because it helps you free up some of the processes in your mind so you can focus on learning the waves.

This move will likely drag out a bit longer due to the complex choppy pattern that is currently in progress.

See previously related ideas down below.

Remember to use Disciplined Money Management Principles to ensure longevity as a trader.

If you don't know the long term pattern shouldn't you be doing your research instead of just following the crowd?

Just remember: I am not a financial advisor, I suggest using this only as a guide. Always do your own research.

Each video idea I post builds on the previous idea as I use AriasWave to try and navigate the waves in Crypto Markets.
Let's get one thing clear: AriasWave is NOT Elliott Wave

Learn to read the waves using AriasWave.

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All he does is make up rules as he goes along to make himself look like he knows what he's doing. He breaks his own rules and makes excuses of how he had to change the count to make Arias work. Does counts on a 5 minute which tells you nothing. It's guess work. He doesn't even realize that wave 4 possibly just ended and down we go. He has no idea what's going on. There is zero bull volume, none whatsoever and it's dropping on up moves.
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@mfibbs can you please stop with the logic. There is no room for that here. Haha
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mfibbs edubsquared
@edubsquared, Tell me then. What is there room for? Isn't this tradingview ? A place where idea's and opinions get bounced around? Oh I get it, you just want to hear fairy tales and rainbows. That place is called youtube. You should check it out! There's tons of channels that will have the bias that you want to hear.
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@mfibbs bro, I was being funny. I was agreeing with you here haha
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@mfibbs If you don't know the rules, you can't play the game. Until you realize and accept that you're thinking in a prescribed manner that runs antithetical to your own interests, the appeal of transforming your perception of the market by changing the way you think about waves will be lost on you. Like my brother always says, you can't pour new wine into old wineskins or you'll ruin the wineskin and waste the wine.
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@mfibbs, True.. full of BS.
and i hate how he sound..arrrogant as hell
Looks like Type 2 Weak Wave E, lots of strength. If so, there may be a buying opportunity when the pattern concludes. Otherwise, just waiting here for the wave ii to conclude and looking forward to the commencement of a clear and discernable wave iii👌
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@felixlucid stellar to the moon!
Meanwhile I was just on your YouTube channel