XLM/USD Possible wave count

XLM has shown some resilience here, wicking down into the demand area when Bitcoin and other are having deeper pullbacks. I've struggled making sense of this Elliot Wave count. I'm recently re-reading a Stellar trading book [ haha, see what I did there ;-) } that has a small section on Elliot Wave . The author offers a great reminder to not get overly caught up in the Wave Count, or Structure Identification. Although I'm considering this correction as a Double Three. His advice is simply this: Overlapping Structures are corrections, big impulse moves don't overlap. This is the only count I can make sense of where WAVE 1 is clear, the rest is choppy overlapping nonsense. .42-.44 is our trigger. I would suggest a weekly close above before we really load the boat. But, I'm also going to try and get some in early if it can hold this upward trendline with a tight stop.

Not Financial Advice